7 Best Ridesharing Apps in 2021 for Social Commuting

7 Best Ridesharing Apps in 2021 for Social Commuting

The digital technology boom has made life much simpler for the next-gen commuters. In a very short time, traditional taxi business was not just disrupted by ride-hailing services like Uber, it was nearly wiped out. Now the shoe is on the other foot as people realise the benefits of adopting ridesharing apps and are flocking to use them in droves.

Just like traditional taxi companies adopted the technology pioneered by Uber, these taxi-hailing businesses are having to address this new paradigm. This is underlined by the fact that even Uber has a ridesharing offering.

According to a research from earlier this year, the ridesharing market is expected to reach USD 218 billion by 2025. That is not surprising given the rising popularity of ridesharing that shows no sign of slowing down.

Here are some of the best ridesharing apps that are leading this space.

1. Uber: You Move the World

Uber - Best Ridesharing Apps

Android Rating: 4.2
iOS Rating: 4.7
Popular for: Multiple-service levels

Uber is a very popular app with the HQ in San Francisco. The business is predicted to have about 110 million worldwide users. Its rapid popularity over the years has been deemed as a revolution in the transport arena.

Uber’s approach is also referred to as “Uberisation,” for it has been a super-efficient model when it comes to serving the end-user needs. Its rideshare app service model, UberPOOL was initially introduced back in August 2014 and has proved to be a continued success too.

Driver-Oriented Features:

  • The rider can provide a gratuity to the driver
  • Special accommodations for hearing-impaired drivers
  • An active rating system to measure driver performance
  • Drivers can list the reason behind the cancellation of the ride

Rider-Oriented Features:

  • Ride scheduling well before the actual ride time
  • Ability to pay for the ride till the user books the next one
  • Available for people with service animals
  • Ability to add multiple drop-off points

2. LYFT: Riding is the new Driving

Lyft - Best Ridesharing Apps

Android Rating: 4.2
iOS Rating: 4.9
Popular for: Affordable rates

Also based in San Francisco, Lyft is a car sharing app that operates in about 640 cities in the United States and about 9 cities across Canada. The business promises to offer an affordable, memorable, and welcoming rider experience.

Its ridesharing service model lets you book the ride at a discounted price. The best part is the short-waiting time involved as the driver will not wait for more than a minute for the passenger as other riders are also involved.

Driver-Oriented Features:

  • A separate app platform for drivers: Lyft Driver
  • Ability to mark the current ride as the last ride for the day
  • Opportunity to earn tips from riders
  • Primetime pricing leads to increased earnings

Rider-Oriented Features:

  • Shared-saver rides for short waiting time and discounts
  • “One tap to ride” option for quick requests and pickups
  • Drivers have to pass through background checks to ensure safety
  • Lyft Amp” to help you locate your driver in the dark

3. Via: We Ride Together


Android Rating: 4.2
iOS Rating: 4.2
Popular for: Dedicated ridesharing

Headquartered in New York, Via has spread its branches across 20 countries worldwide. It runs solo in only 6 countries, and in the rest of the operating countries, it runs in partnership with the local organizations.

The moment a user books a ride, they are instantly connected with the riders traveling along the same course. The car ride sharing app takes pride in helping customers share rides and reduce its carbon footprint in turn.

Driver-Oriented Features:

  • Up to $400 signing bonus for drivers
  • “Rent a car” system available for drivers
  • Offers the flexibility to drive whenever it is convenient
  • Via service fee narrows down to 10%

Rider-Oriented Features:

  • Offers affordability at its best
  • Corner-to-corner pickups for a faster commute
  • Availability of real-time customer support
  • Refer friends and get free ride credits
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4. BlaBla Car: Share your journey


Android Rating: 4.4
iOS Rating: 4.5
Popular for: Same route ride sharing

BlaBla Car has a somewhat unique business model. Here, the private vehicle owners can list their vehicles on the app along with their pick-up and drop-off data. If any passenger wishes to join them, they can request for the ride and share the expense.

The taxi share app acts as a bridge between the driver and the passenger. BlaBla receives a 12% commission for every successful booking. It is a great app for saving time and money along with enjoying a comfortable trip.

Driver-Oriented Features:

  • A rating scale for drivers: Bla for the quiet ones, bla bla for chatty drivers, and blablabla for who just can’t shut up
  • Flexibility to post a drive in seconds
  • Drivers get the power to decide who rides with them
  • Reduce fuel expense by not having to travel alone

Rider-Oriented Features:

  • Book a ride that looks affordable and safe
  • Opportunity to find drivers that start nearby
  • Can even book last-minute seats if available
  • Women drivers can travel with women only option

5. Bridj: Better Transit for everyone


Android Rating: 3.4
iOS Rating: 3.6
Popular for: On-demand public transport

In the most surprising manner, Bridj manages to gather the crowd heading in the same direction around Sydney. This on-demand service is a new ride sharing app that deploys public transport buses for the commute.

Bridj manages to dynamically route the vehicle to get to the destination in time. The business encourages users to walk a mile to reach the common pick up points to avoid any lags.

Driver-Oriented Features:

  • Tablet access to track passenger bookings
  • Training will be provided by BRIDJ teamv
  • Availability of a dedicated app for the drivers
  • Easy routing with turn-by-turn navigation

Rider-Oriented Features:

  • Ability to make payments through credit cards
  • Provides walking directions to pick-up points
  • Availability of facilities like free Wi-Fi and USB Charging
  • Special access for physically challenged people

6. GoKid: Where Kids can Carpool Too


Android Rating: 4.1
iOS Rating: 4.2
Popular for: Kids carpooling

Headquartered in New York, GoKid, the free rides app operates in around 25 countries. Here users can book a ride for their kids with the families they trust. It is a great venture that does not put a burden on working parents.

The best part is that the parents take turns in driving their kids to places. The digital platform works on safety by connecting parents with families they know in order to eliminate the risk of any mishap.

Driver-Oriented Features:

  • Optimal route provision for pick-up and drop-offs
  • In-app messaging for updates on the trip
  • Provision to invite friends from your contact list
  • Offers flexibility to choose when to drive

Rider-Oriented Features:

  • Makes for an entertaining journey for your kids
  • Parents can track the journey in real-time
  • Opportunity to relax on heavy work-load days
  • Works on mutual favors; no payments involved

7. Hitch: Guaranteed Rides between Cities


Android Rating: 2.8
iOS Rating: 4.2
Popular for: City-to-City hopping

Hitch offers noteworthy ride sharing services that operate between Austin and Houston. Here the riders and the drivers heading to the same city are matched for ridesharing. With trips starting just at $25, Hitch has become rapidly popular around the area.

One can book a ride between 7 AM and 7 PM, which would be acknowledged in 2 hours for sure. The best part is that there is no pre-booking required to get on your next long trip.

Driver-Oriented Features:

  • Can make up to $120 for a round trip
  • Ability to post the trip schedule in advance
  • Suitable pick-ups and drop-offs
  • Provision of coffee-breaks on the way

Rider-Oriented Features:

  • Book rides cheaper than bus
  • Can book a ride even an hour before riding
  • The middle seat is never matched
  • Offers comfortable four-seater sedans


The ridesharing business is growing by the day for the convenience and cost savings it provides. While the core service offering is the same across these ridesharing apps, companies are trying to differentiate themselves with unique features and facilities for both drivers and riders. The space is ripe for innovation and the rewards are great.

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