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February 14, 2023

Scalability. Agility. Innovation. All orgs want it. But is there an infrastructure to make it all easier and efficient? Let's understand the value of MACH architecture in this tech-first world.

The Hot Progress Champagne 🥂

What does building an app that wins the Fast Company Online Retailer of the Year Award entail?

Ask Net Solutions.

To serve the entire Nigerian nation, Konga wanted to pair their eCommerce site with mobile apps, but Magento, at the time did not support mobile app integration.

The Net Solutions team created a custom API layer to tie the Magento back-end with a variety of Android phones prevalent in the country.

But what challenges did the team face along the way? And how did Konga expand on their offerings to retain a competitive edge? Here's what it takes to build an unbeatable eCommerce ecosystem.

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The Insights Burger 🍔

I find burgers fascinating.

Not because they represent American deliciousness, but because they piece rather un-seemingly pieces of food together to form something mouth-watering.

Want to enjoy the breads and buns? Look to France. Baguette, anyone?

Tender meat? Say less! You could even fry it!

And everyone loves cheese — Panela? Paneer? Swiss Cheese? I can have them all day, every day!

And sauces? Global flavor in your mouth.

Everything works independently, yet everything has to work together to make one kick-ass burger.

MACH architecture is interwoven quite like that.

MACH architecture can be broken down into parts – M + A + C + H. It is based upon Microservices, is API-first, cloud-native, and headless.

It is an approach to technology infrastructure that is open, flexible, and future-proof, leveraging individual services/functionality, exposed through API, in the cloud, and decoupled for ultimate agility.

But what does the implementation look like? How does it work? And is it any different from the Monolith legacy systems? We have all the answers here.

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Thought Leadership Baguette 🥖

Independent yet interconnected tech infrastructure empowers scalability, ensures easier redressal of issues, and supports rapid innovation.

Why wouldn't it be a mainstay for businesses of tomorrow?

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