3 Ways to Increase Employee Engagement & Satisfaction in Distributed Workforce

Increasing Employee Engagement in Distributed Workforce

A distributed workforce is a workforce that extends beyond the traditional office environment. The concept of distributed enterprise workforce is on the rise. The power of the technology brings in the desired flexibility to connect virtually.

But with the physical distance and mismatching time zones, a new problem is rearing its head. How do businesses increase employee engagement & assure they are satisfied?

There are tangible reasons for doing this. Research highlights the fact that a highly engaged workforce is about 21% more profitable.

What is Employee Engagement & Satisfaction?

Simply put, a satisfied employee means that an individual is happy with their job. On the other side, an engaged employee is someone who feels invested and valued within the organization and sometimes goes the extra mile to meet their roles & responsibilities.

When an organization applies employee engagement & workplace satisfaction to a distributed workforce setup, increased productivity and employee retention are the key results.

In her TEDx talk, Claudia Williams refers to how putting employees in the front seat can be the best business strategy for a business:

So, what are the ways to increase employee engagement & satisfaction while promoting a distributed workforce? Let’s get the ball rolling.

Here are the three best practices to increase employee engagement in your organization even in a distributed landscape.

1. Effective Collaboration Among Employees

Medium: Video calls, audio calls, and chats

Open-ended, personal-level and friendly questions make for a good start in virtual business meetings. Because when an employee jumps straight to talking business, the sense of humanity goes missing, which, in turn, affects the depth of engagement to an extent.

Extra efforts to strike a conversation= Extra impact on the quality of workplace engagement

The idea is to train your employees in a way that they learn to show empathy, understanding, and kindness to their peers. And, the same applies to managers as well.

When the people, higher in the ladder, show friendliness towards employees sitting in a completely different location, they feel cared for and valued.

Example: An enterprise video platform such as Soaq showcases the power of video at a workplace. The system basically aims to distribute and share knowledge through videos in a distributed business setup.

A pictorial representation of how Soaq works

It was developed with the intent to provide a platform to make learning fun. The interesting features that accounted for Soaq’s success were its “dynamic filters” and “Prediction IO.”

On the one hand, dynamic filters helped filter employees based on parameters such as location, department, distinctive personalities, and employee’s role in the organization. And, on the other side, Prediction IO helped build a suitable recommendation system.


  • Ability to be accessed from anywhere and at anytime
  • Recommends videos based on employee’s search patterns
  • Soaq’s ability to live stream events for its distributed employees

2. Transparency and Clarity in Performance Management

Medium: Holistic dashboards

A manager sitting in Canada, for instance, has no insight into the health of the organization located in Australia. Let the blame go to the gap in communication and the distributed workforce system.

The only way to address this narrows down to getting on-demand updates on employee feedback. This feedback can be in terms of goal mappings, 360-degree feedback or even direct managerial feedback.

Such critical knowledge then forms the basis of identifying the ongoing issues within the realm of the diversified organization. This brings us to a simple question:

Why restrict your leadership skills to where you are physically available?

Example: A skill assessment solutions such as “Coach” could be the best fit here. The web-based product assists managers with training, tracking performance, and encouraging workforce. The product gets a competitive edge owing to its multi-tenant feature.

a pictorial representation of the interface of Coach

The product was deemed to be successful at all levels across a distributed workplace setup. The system not only maintained privacy but also made sure that it was secure at all levels. Be it be banks, pharmaceutical companies or government organizations; Coach is being loved by all.


  • Easy follow-ups and performance tracking on the go
  • Keeps upper management informed and updated
  • Acts as an effective turnkey performance development platform

3. Effective Project Task Management

Medium: Dashboards

The key to the success of a distributed workforce lies in making everyone feel included. And, who else can do that better than the organization itself?

It is the organization’s job to engage employees across teams in a fun way. As they say, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. The same implies to a distributed workspace!

game-based motivation rises employee engagement by 48% according to Gartner

In simple words, the key to productivity is making employees involved and appreciated at all levels. Having gamification platforms can thus positively impact performance, and inculcate a happy culture across the work environment.

Example: A digital platform called “Workplayce” serves as a solution that serves the needs of employees and organizations alike. The platform includes features such as polling, enterprise-level contests, message exchange system, response metrics, and reward systems that make it stand out in the market.

A representation of how Workplayce works

The solution is a hit with the enterprises owing to its ongoing ability to boost productivity and inclusiveness at all levels. It not only adds a sense of belongingness but also makes employees across the organization feel connected.

Definitely a win-win situation!


  • Instigation of motivation and enthusiasm among the employees
  • A sense of responsibility that adds on a sense of doing things better
  • A great way to educate employees on a larger and a connected platform


When you start to keep up with the practices mentioned above, you’ll start noticing a change worth millions. It is your chance to start satisfying your people, your employees, before moving on to your customers and clients.

You need to share a vision to make your employees feel happier and engaged, irrespective of where they are located.

Let linkage and connectedness impact your business on a positive note!

But, for that, you need to design a custom tool that works efficiently across your “scattered workforce.” Only then can your business be deemed successful in terms of increased employee engagement & satisfaction.

After all, customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.

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