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How Discovering Mobile Moments across your Customer’s Journey can Lead to Happy Customers

Because mobile devices are pervasive in life and work, mobile moments have a pervasive impact on your business: Forrester. This article emphasizes the impact of mobile moments on businesses, highlighting the importance of seizing these moments by optimizing mobile web presence, offering immediate and contextual solutions, and prioritizing convenience to engage customers effectively and boost revenue.

Adam Milne
Adam Milne
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Mobile has brought about a complete shift in the mindset and expectations of consumers who look to their mobile devices to maximize absolutely every moment. People now want everything at the moment of need – from content, products, and services to connection and amusement – quickly and relevantly. And, this is made possible by mobile moments, which enable people to embrace seamless, real-time, useful, and relevant experiences using their mobile web searches.

Mobile moments are those moments of need when customers pull out their mobile devices to get what they want, in context and speed. And these are those times on mobile which marketers must capitalize on. Marketers should make use of these I-want-to-know, I-want-to-buy, I-want-to- go, I-want-to-do moments to engage with customers in a better way by being there, quick, and relevant whenever customers head to web using mobile devices.

Seizing the Customer’s Mobile Moment

A mobile moment, when a person pulls out his or her mobile to look for a solution or a product or a service, can be an opportunity for any brand to gain customer’s consideration and action, thereupon.

Mobile has given the brands an opportunity to capitalize on very important, highly customized, and exclusively relevant moments. It has never been easier to find the right people or the right moments.

But, how to discover mobile moments of your customers and ensure you are visible whenever a person searches about any experience related to your product or service.

Here are top 3 ways you can be easily found during the mobile moments of your customers and double the revenue of your business:

Web Presence:

While a mobile app is very essential for businesses today to being easily accessible to customers who are already down in the funnel, mobile website is equally important to attract people who are at the top of the funnel. Web site spreads awareness about your product or service among people and, is thus, very important to being available whenever a person makes a relevant search on web using mobile.

Also, mobile searches are made in moments that matter and decisions, especially related to purchases and likings, are made impulsively. Thus, having a responsive website, well suited to fit any device on any platform is essential for every business.


For example, McDonald’s, in an effort to utilize mobile to upgrade their digital operations and enhance revenue, started an order-ahead program that enabled customers to quickly place an order and pick it up later at any of McDonald’s restaurant using either mobile and tablet or desktop.

Context and Immediacy:

As per a recent Forrester report, Re-Engineer Your Business for Mobile Moments, ‘a mobile moment is a point in time and space when someone pulls out a mobile device to get what they want in their immediate context.’

This means that every person resorts to mobile web in the hope of finding a solution to the problem. This interaction with a particular business can be either be successful if he finds the right solution or it can be negative if he isn’t happy with the results.

Thus, every business’ viable mobile solution should include responding instantaneously to any context to make mobile interactions with customers, within a moment, successful.

In order to serve immediately to your customers, first and foremost, your website should load at a lightning speed. Other than this, you should anticipate the needs of your customer to keep your messages contextual. This can be done by keeping primary call-to-action in a prominent spot, recommend products based on his past behavior, and use smartphones’ GPS functionality to locate users.


A mobile moment has a potential to become an opportunity for any business to attract customers if it adds to the new levels of convenience to the customer experience.

In order to provide convenience to the customers, webpages must load without unnecessary and redundant steps. For this, employ one-click functionality, give multiple payment options, provide automatic form filling, and keep form fields minimal.


On-demand car service of Uber is a great example of delivering convenience during a customer’s mobile moment, right in the mobile browser. It lets you book a ride and pay instantly, just like the Uber app. It also elevates the accessibility factor as the customer can directly access Uber from the mobile site in case the Uber app doesn’t work.

Making the most of Mobile Moments

In order to make the most of mobile moments and stand out among the multitude of moments, brands need to be always ready with their mobile-optimized websites. Also, delivering the right creative to the right person at the right moment is very crucial to become relevant to the customers.

In order to know more about mobile moments and how your brand can leverage the everyday mobile moments of users, drop us an Email at [email protected].

Adam Milne
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Adam Milne

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