8 Essential Features of Successful Educational Apps

We can make learning fun and interactive for the generations yet to come by offering them what we lacked — technology.

Today, developing technologies are reformulating the education system, and the best of educational apps play a key role in this progressive change. The use of mobile apps is not only limited to the field of communication, entertainment, and gamification but has also extended to various other fields, especially, education. In fact, the ongoing upsurge in the number of education apps has turned out to be the third most well-known mobile app category.

According to the Statista,

The worldwide e-learning market is forecast to surpass 243 billion U.S. dollars by 2022… I Nearly 65% of teachers support the use of open educational resources in teaching, and 63% showed interest in the competency-based education system.


Because of it, there has been an ongoing rise in the growth of mobile app development companies. But, do you feel that all educational mobile apps can possibly give you an additional edge over your competitors?

There are several mobile apps that claim to provide the best features, but only a few succeed over the rest. So, if you too are planning to develop a learning app, include the below-mentioned fundamental features, which will not only benefit your users considerably but also your business.
Features of Educational Mobile Apps that transforms the Learning Process

Video-based Content

Educational apps are one such platform where the students can view as well as listen to the pre-recorded lectures or chapter-wise lessons delivered by instructors. In this way, students get easy access to the classroom at any time of the day. With video content, students can use handy features like zooming into a particular image, rewinding/fast-forwarding anything wherever they want. Video-based content is the turning point of the educational app industry and is proving beneficial to students and instructors. Indeed, their demand is progressive.

Interactive Content

Interactive Content

Today, there are a large number of educational apps available in the Play Store and App Store guaranteeing intuitive learning for students. To get your app downloaded several times, the content should be engaging. It must grab the eye of the user at a single glance. Here are the vital factors that you need to keep in mind:

  • The content should be mobile friendly.
  • The content should be based on target audiences.
  • The content must include fun facts and interesting stats to retain the learner’s interest.
  • Content should be understandable and worth reading as every student is not a quick learner.

Live Tutorials and Sessions

Your education app must host interactive live sessions as well as tutorials for the students to polish their skills. Facilitating live tutorials will offer students to have live interaction with the instructor or tutor to ask their queries live, and receive the relevant answers on any given topic or subject. You can create a virtual environment in a classroom by adding the ‘chat now’ feature, wherein you can add instructors/tutors. This helps make an app a complete learning process.

Testing Knowledge

Tests are an indispensable part of learning, and your educational mobile app must execute the same. Thus, your education app must offer a section where mock tests and quizzes are added, based on various topics and subjects. This will help students test their knowledge based on capabilities, and know which subjects, chapter, or topics need more focus. Also, you can add videos or audio clips of teachers, providing important tips prior to the examinations.

Offline Mode

The availability of a stable Internet connection can sometimes be a concern, especially in countries that are a little behind on the Internet spectrum. So, the app must be capable of offering an offline mode, wherein students can download the modules. This can keep their interest alive in your app, and they’ll visit the app whenever needed, to seek information offline as well. Each module that they download will give you definite details on how effective the education application is and how the users are reacting to each module. This further helps in course updates and app modification.

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Gamification of an app is very crucial to attract the maximum users, and offer them a great user experience. It is plain to see how much ease and fascination the students have for gadgets and games. There is ample research that shows that students learn more through fun and game experiments. Therefore, nothing better than including healthy gamification in your digital classroom with digital badges. Badges help motivate students to take up study challenges and reach the next level. Gamification helps in the cognitive development of a student and increases the level of engagement with the app.

Push Notification

Push notification is also considered an important part of almost every on-demand services app. It connects the app to the users in a non-intrusive way to keep all the users engaged and updated about the latest developments in the app. The app, with the help of push notification, helps you provide comprehensive information or actionable steps to be taken in the future. It enables you to send any sort of messages — like an update, an alert, or an advertisement — to particular users. Note that to include this feature, you need to hire an Android or iOS app developer to make it run successfully in an educational app.

Social Media Integration

When it comes to maximizing benefits, maintaining a social network is a must. Whatever information or content on any subject or topic that you are uploading on your app, you can share the details on social media channels like — Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. These platforms add a positive factor to motivate users to study.

You can even create a YouTube channel, where you can upload tutorial videos or audio clips related to your educational app. In this way, you are directly getting in touch with not only the existing users but new users as well. This motivates the users to engage more with your app to study, which further leads to the expansion of your audience and the promotion of your app as well.

Personalized Experience

Personalization plays an important role in mobile apps in enhancing the user experience for your mobile app. In the case of educational apps, targeted users are learners of all age groups. The success of an education app depends largely on personalized experience that engages the users.

The app must include options like mock tests, feedback, corrections, and custom learning throughout the learning process. If the app responds according to the user’s study manners and methods, the way they want, or their queries get resolved at the earliest it further helps improve the user experience.

Final Thoughts

Thanks to rising technology, the e-learning industry has progressively grown in the past two decades. And, it continues to grow with better approachability and enhanced educational apps that cater to the requirements of people of all ages. Educational apps are, in fact, making learning more fun and interactive than it ever had been. The above-given educational mobile app features will definitely prove to be valuable and motivate learners to download them for better learning prospects

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