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Mobile App Platform For Parents to Monitor the Academic Performance of Their Children

EdPlace is devoted to making parents self-dependent in monitoring their child's educational progress.

Will Lord, the head of Product and Technology at EdPlace, approached Net Solutions with a request for an iOS app, to make it easy for working parents to assign tasks to their children, and to review their academic progress on the go.

Mobile App Platform

The Problem

With his extensive experience in online educational projects for non-profit organizations, Will Lord was looking for an iOS app ( compatible with both iPhone and iPad ) which could be used by parents as well as children of different age groups.

Our major concern was to ensure that the huge amount of content in the app stayed manageable for the client; and, in so doing, the children could use it comfortably, without compromising on the aesthetics.

The Challenge

Download and upload large files and content with memory efficiency

This app required uploading and downloading content in various sized files. The worksheets were meant to be used by children between 5 and 16 years. We needed to add functionality to prevent writing a lot of code over and over again.

Presenting different types of content

The administrators of EdPlace consists of authors and reviewers, and have the authority to upload the completed worksheets, review them, and score the performance of the child accordingly. The types of questions in each of these 3000+ worksheets were varied - subjective, objective, matrices, diagrammatic, etc. and they had to be represented in the required format.

More features to engage users

Since the target audience for the application included students, it was crucial to include features to motivate them, and enhance user-engagement.

The Solution

The Solution

Building a CMLibrary for ease of use and memory efficiency

We built a CMLibrary especially for this application to speed up the process, thus making it memory-efficient and preventing memory leaks. This CMLibrary also supports caching, thus reducing the content upload time in case of graphic heavy files. The library also supports data formats such as JSON, XML, etc. Now large amounts of data could travel between the app and the server without a glitch, improving the UI and UX of the apps.

Developed different scenarios for a variety of content

We created different scenarios, along with the inclusion of drag and drop based controls, for the various types of questions in every worksheet. This prevents the questionnaire from becoming monotonous, and helps maintain the interest of the child.

Compelling features for user engagement

Auto Assign Worksheets
With this feature, worksheets will be assigned automatically to the student based on their last performance.

Informative Student Dashboard
Helps students analyze their performance and find out their stronger and weaker subjects.

Badges and rewards keep the students encouraged to perform better. Even the parents can add special ones.

Comparing Child's Progress
Parents can compare their children's performance with others of the same age group.

The Result

With a 4 Star Rating, and already a favorite amongst both parents and students, this app has gained a considerable market for itself.

The app is expected to become a hit with the increasing number of users in the UK, reaffirming that it's a popular academic application with great user experience.

The Result

I think what makes them different as a company is that they invest in their staff. I think it's about the effort that they put in to make sure that people have got the tools, skills, and support that they need to do the best job possible and it really showed while I was there and it continues to show now. I feel that they really have an understanding of how to get the best out of their team.

Will Lord
Will Lord CTO at EdPlace
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