Top 7 App Prototyping Tools For a Great UX Design

5 Web & Mobile App Prototyping Tools For Great UX Design

With app prototyping tools, building a website or application becomes fundamentally easier. Businesses use prototyping to quickly validate and iterate their ideas, which in turn, helps build solutions that create a more human-centered design. However, building a product demands lots of effort, time, and money.

App prototyping tools enable clients and designers to collaborate better while being in the same context instead of having conflicting perspectives. The biggest advantage of using app prototyping tools in design process is: “the earlier we fail, the quicker we learn.”

Now, the question arises, “What are the top web and mobile app prototyping tools based on their ease-of-use and relevance?”

What is App Prototyping Tools?

Prototyping tools are tools that help accelerate the product development process by making it more effective. The app prototype is the first step to demonstrate your idea, which helps you validate your product idea. Interactive app prototypes give a thorough insight into the product design, interactions, and ideas. App prototypes help:

  • Reduce overall development time
  • Aligns vision among stakeholders and users
  • Collects valuable user feedback
  • Bring the idea to life

7 Top App Prototyping Tools for UX in 2020

There are many top prototyping tools available in the market to deliver digital products. And while using UX prototyping tools, the two major stakeholders involved in it are Client and Your Team.

“If two men on the same job agree all the time, then one is useless. If they disagree all the time, both are useless.” ~ Darryl F. Zanuck

Remember, everyone part of the team may add value to the process. And a prototyping tool helps in real-time collaboration. Following is the trend of the most popular app prototyping tools available in the market:

1. InVision: Design Better. Faster. Together

InVision is a comprehensive prototyping software, which aids in the process of designing user interfaces. It has the ability to create live prototypes from static images as well as wireframes, which, when coupled with functional facilities of the software, can be transformed into the app prototype. This facilitates carrying out transitions such as buttons clicks and creating a layout as per the device interface, etc.

“InVision is indispensable, be it for quick concepting, creating a believable prototype for studies, or for building out interactive specifications.” ~ Chad Thornton, AirBnB

Features of InVision Prototyping Tool

a) Facilitates easy and quick integration with other design tools for more efficiency

b) Supports cross-platform development experience. InVision enables customization of sizes and resolutions as per the design of the device. This feature is beneficial in terms of responsive design and mobile adaptations.

c) Enables easy control and setting project status, thereby facilitating effective project management

d) Offers the facility to create and present mood boards, brand boards, galleries, and style guides

e) InVision provides tools that facilitate virtual communication via the project account, which is a benefit for teams working remotely.

f) Allows you to save the version history of designs, which can be referenced and compared when necessary

Runs On:

  • Web Browser
  • MAC OS X
  • Windows

Prototypes For:


  • 1 Prototype: Free
  • 3 Prototypes: $15/Month
  • Unlimited Prototypes: $25/Month

Greatest Strength: Feedback Management

InVision app prototyping tool

2. Axure RP (Rapid Prototyping): Powerful Prototyping and Developer Handoff

Axure RP is a wireframing and UX design tool meant for interactive prototypes. It allows users to create basic wireframes, from low to mid-fidelity. Using this UX prototyping tool, users can make portions of a screen interactive while keeping the rest the same.

It also enables users to hide or show content as per the earlier interactions. Further, the choices made by the users can also be recalled by the prototype.

“Axure allows us to test everything, even the most complex use cases. Our prototypes look and act like the real thing.” ~ Julie, Managing Director, User Experience Lab

Features of Axure RP Prototyping Tool

a) In terms of widgets and design, this app prototyping tool offers basic geometric shapes, headers, texts, and form elements.

b) When it comes to interactivity and animation, Axure RP is equipped with powerful features. It supports various types of interactions such as condition interaction (for executing various operations), complex interaction (for variable functions), and gesture interaction.

c) In terms of presentation and usability testing, users can test app prototypes on their mobile devices using Axure Share.

d) An easy-to-use tool, it combines prototypes, diagrams, and specifications.

e) Enables users to create Rapid Prototypes without writing code

Runs On:

  • MAC OS X
  • Windows

Prototypes For:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Web


  • 30-day Trial — Free
  • Pro — $29/Month ($495 to purchase)
  • Team — $49/Month ($895 to purchase, per user)
  • Enterprise (includes on-premise solutions) — $99/Month

Greatest Strength: Robust Interface

Axure RP one of the best mobile app prototyping tools

Here’s How We Built an On-Demand Mobile App Prototype For Frictionless Payments

An Ed Tech Startup approached Net Solutions for a mobile app development project that would address some pertinent questions related to the education sector–aligning the right tutors for the student community and providing frictionless payment interaction between tutors and students.

The Challenge: Creating a mobile app prototype(s) that would fulfill the expectations of the tutor-student community using this app.

Net Solutions built two interactive mobile app prototypes for the tutor-student community–Teacher Application and Student Application–using the following mobile app prototyping tools:

  • For high-fidelity prototype, we used InVision
  • For low-fidelity prototype, we used Axure RP

What was the result? Read the case study to know more.

How Net Solutions helped an Ed Tech Startup build a mobile app prototype_1

3. Marvel: The All-In-One Platform Powering Design

Marvel is both a web-based and mobile app prototyping tool that can serve both novice and advanced designers, given its simple prototyping process. Its integration with Photoshop and Sketch allows easy import of screens.

“Marvel is a tool in our designers’ toolkit for them to share their work and what stage it’s in with the rest of the team.” ~ Cap Watkins, Vice President of Design, BuzzFeed

Features of Marvel Prototyping Tool

a) Allows you to easily upload your image files even via third-party sites such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Sketch. It also supports different image types, be it PSD, JPG, and GIF.

b) With Marvel, you can edit images such as changing the background color, resizing images, etc.

c) Marvel prototyping tool provides about eight different project frames to users when building prototype(s). This ensures full optimization of the design mockup for the specific device.

d) Its mobile companion app converts sketches into app prototypes by simply capturing the image, which users can further sync with their marvel account. This allows them to build prototypes for the specific device(s).

e) Other than its easy usability, it also serves as a knowledge hub. Its community of designers shares their prototype designs for the benefit of users. Users can also benefit via blogs, tutorials, FAQs, and videos.

Runs On:

  • Web Browser
  • MAC OS X
  • Windows

Prototypes For:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Web


  • Free (1 user, 2 active projects) — $0
  • Pro (1 user, unlimited projects) — $12/Month
  • Team (3 users, unlimited projects) — $42/Month
  • Company(6 users, unlimited projects) — $84/Month

Greatest Strength: Simplified for Beginners

4. Adobe XD: Design, Prototype, Experience

Adobe XD is a perfect solution for UX designers to design and build app prototypes in one go. Adobe introduced the ‘Project Comet’ in October 2015 as they felt there was a need for a new design tool. The prototyping tool took on new design philosophy, and promised the designer the ability to “design at the speed of thought”. Project Comet was renamed to Adobe XD once it came out of its beta version.

“It was the closest I’d seen to a jaw drop in a long time. Adobe XD makes it easy for the customer to get the full interactive experience without ever having to leave the application.” ~ Michael Adamson, Client Services Director at Perficient Digital

Features of Adobe XD Prototyping Tool

a) The latest features of Adobe XD includes Coediting (beta), hover triggers, document history, and component states.

b) Adobe XD’s “Repeat Grid” feature is a favorite among users for speeding up their work.

c) The designer can easily switch from design to prototype right within the app.

d) Clients can make comments on your app prototypes when you share directly, and view designs in real-time on actual devices.

e) Voice triggers and speech playback allows users to prototype with voice.

Runs On:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • MAC OS X
  • Windows

Prototypes For:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Web


  • Starter — $0
  • Single App for teams — $22.99/User
  • Creative Cloud All Apps for teams — $79.99/User

Greatest Strength: Visuals

Adobe XD tool for prototyping

5. Sketch: The Best Products Start With Sketch

Sketch is one of the most popular and efficient prototyping tools for designing websites and apps. It is one of the most used UI and UX design tools around. It’s a lightweight tool with a simple interface, leaving designers free to focus on the task at hand.

“I use Sketch for everything! From using artboards to map entire user journeys with multiple streams, to polished interfaces for digital prototypes in my client work…” ~ Alex Durussel-Baker, Designer

Features of Sketch Prototyping Tool

a) Sketch enables the user to transition seamlessly between design screens and all screen sizes (artboards), add animations, and create working prototypes with a couple of clicks.

b) Sketch’s Vector shapes have the capability to adapt easily to changing styles, sizes, and layouts, thereby allowing the user to avoid a lot of painful hand-tweaking.

c) Sketch’s cloud interface allows the user to easily share prototypes and receive instant feedback.

d) On Dec 3, Sketch shared a little glimpse with us via Twitter showcasing upcoming features.

Runs On:

  • OS X

Prototypes For:

  • OS X
  • iOS
  • Web


  • Free Trial
  • $99 for full version

Greatest Strength: Intuitive Interface

Bonus App Prototyping Tools

We are updating the list of the top app prototyping tools and found the following two web and mobile app prototyping tools emerging as strong competitors in the design world because of some of the great features. Let’s have a look at them:

6. Mockplus: Design, Prototype, Collaborate & Handoff Faster

Mockplus is a rapid wireframing and app prototyping tool that enables designers and product teams to design, prototype, and collaborate better together. It allows users to quickly create a fully interactive website or mobile app wireframes and prototypes with simple drag-and-drop.

Furthermore, with up to 8 ways to share and test prototypes, it is super easy for them to quickly validate and iterate their ideas on real PCs, mobile phones, and tablets.

“Mockplus makes your design life much more comfortable. With Mockplus, you can collaborate with your peers in real-time. Review designs together, conduct brainstorming sessions online, and create smooth design-development handoff.” ~ Nick Babich, editor-in-chief of UX Planet

Features of Mockplus Prototyping Tool

a) Mockplus enables users to translate ideas into clickable web or mobile app prototypes with rich, ready-to-use components, UI libraries, icons, and templates.

b) A full set of vivid interactions, animations, and transitions helps users create realistic and working prototypes with simple drag-and-drop.

c) With Mockplus, your entire product team can work on the same app prototype, comment and discuss ideas, and share components, masters, UI libraries, and other assets in real-time with clicks. Also, sync any prototype changes to all team members with simple clicks.

d) Users can easily choose from 8 ways to test their prototypes early on, find and resolve all potential issues before diving into the development stage.

e) It also fully integrates with Mockplus Cloud, enabling you to collaborate and handoff designs with developers, product managers, clients, and other stakeholders online within one place.

Runs On:

  • MAC OS X
  • Windows

Prototypes For:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Web


  • 15-day Trial – Free
  • Individual – $16/month
  • Team – $166/month, 10 users
  • Enterprise – $833/month, 30 users

Greatest Strength: Easy-to-follow interface & comprehensive design features

Marvel app prototyping tool

7. Balsamiq: Brainstorming and Wireframing Rapidly

Balsamiq is a simple low-fidelity wireframing, UX design tool that allows users to visualize their ideas quickly. With many hand-writing style components pre-installed, users can easily follow their ideas to iterate designs without disturbing. This app prototyping tool is a good option for product teams to wireframe and iterate their ideas at the brainstorming or very early design stage.

“Really useful – great work by the Balsamiq team in putting this UI Design resource together.” ~ Rob Whiting

Features of Balsamiq Wireframing Tool

a) Balsamiq allows users to sketch their ideas on a notepad or whiteboard, giving designers a unique design experience.

b) Hundreds of built-in hand-written style UI components enable users to focus on the structure and macro-level of website/app designing, avoiding wasting time in too small details.

c) Balsamiq prototyping tool can help designers to share and present designs with PNG or PDF formats.

Runs On:

  • MAC OS X
  • Windows

Wireframes For:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Web


  • 30-day Trial – Free
  • Pro – $89 per user

Greatest Strength: The feel to design everything just like by hand

Balsamiq prototyping tool

Comparative Analysis of the Top App Prototyping Tools

7 app prototyping tools


We have come far ahead from the time when mockups were created on paper and then shown to the clients. Today, we sit in the lap of technology that is capable of prototyping.

However, there is no perfect prototyping tool that we can tag as a ‘winner’ amongst the listed tools. As a user, you will always feel something lacking, but at the same time, you’ll admire the features of each tool.

Thus, making a choice of the top prototyping tool depends entirely upon the nature of your project. It’s just a matter of matching the right prototyping tool to the right requirement of your project.

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