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The Net Solutions Approach

Real Conversations, AI Chatbot-driven Growth

In today’s highly competitive marketplace where consumer decisions are made in micro-moments, the most helpful, responsive brands win. With 20 years of experience serving global clients, we’re considered a top chatbot development company, having developed a wide range of AI-powered conversational interfaces. From customer care to productivity-driving bots integrated into large ERP systems, we’ve helped businesses in a variety of verticals, industries, and contexts deliver personalized experiences that build trust, loyalty, satisfaction — and bottom lines.

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Chatbot Development Services


There’s no doubt that there’s a direct line between AI chatbots and increased productivity and efficiency. To plot a course for high ROI, however, you can’t just hire a chatbot developer and assume strategy and tactics will align with your business objectives. Our seasoned chatbot development specialists are experts in conversation design, dedicated to creating a custom business-driving chatbot solution specific to your unique needs.


Well-developed chatbots are a critical source of 24/7/365 lead generation, customer service, and operational streamlining. Our AI chatbot developers are experts in conversational UI, machine learning, and other advanced technologies necessary to build smart chatbots. Whether you need an independent chatbot for your website or product or a platform-based solution (i.e., Facebook, Slack, Telegram), we’re your partner in conversational bot development.

Modernization & Training

As technology and machine learning evolve, chatbots become more and more critical for your business success. Our diverse chatbot design services include upgradation and machine learning training to uplevel the quality of responses and functionality. We can also help you extend your chatbot arsenal on multiple platforms to keep your competitive edge sharp.

Ongoing Support & Maintenance

Keep your customer service on point and your business booming with customized chatbot support and maintenance. Our chatbot experts take a deep dive into your analytics to improve your chatbot’s conversational flow, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and domain-driven UX functionality. And we also ensure that the technology in both the bots and backend platforms that support them is glitch-free, secure, and streamlined for optimal performance.

Independent Testing

The quality of your chatbot experience is a direct reflection on your brand, and independent testing is an important way to ensure a reliable, helpful experience. Our experienced team of independent QA experts put chatbots through a rigorous regimen to validate implementation, code, security, and more.


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