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The Net Solutions Approach

Full-spectrum Managed IT Services

Technology is ever-evolving, along with consumer demands and preferences. Keep your digital experience on the cutting-edge with the help of our seasoned systems administrators. They are dedicated to staying top of the latest releases, security advances, and best practices in managed IT. For more than 20 years, our IT staff has innovated and implemented custom infrastructure across multiple providers and technology stacks that support business growth for startups and enterprises worldwide.

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Assessment & Consulting

Your infrastructure is the backbone of your business, so it must be built with the best cloud and tech solutions possible. Our managed IT pros first assess your company’s needs, and then develop innovative, scalable designs that support achieving all of your current and future business objectives.

Migration Services

Transitioning your online business can bring greater efficiency, cost savings, performance — and headaches. We take the pain out of the migration process with full-spectrum infrastructure transformation, including moving from a private to a public cloud (and vice versa) and modernizing legacy systems. Our IT consulting services consider all digital touchpoints for a hassle-free transition.

Audit & Optimization Services

The cost of inefficient cloud and systems architecture can be exponential, which is why you need an experienced team of IT services providers working tirelessly on your behalf. Our systems administrators run comprehensive audits and deliver expert optimization services to ensure you’re maximizing your ROI while minimizing your risk.

Infrastructure Monitoring & Management

Today’s customers expect a smooth, seamless digital experience. Our experienced IT management company has certified systems administrators who work proactively on your cloud management and server management, 24/7/365, to ensure that your business is always online, up-to-date, secure, and compliant.

Supported Platforms

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services

Our AWS Managed Services team gets the most out of the leading cloud platform, so your team can focus on other areas of business growth.

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Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

Our Managed IT specialists are experts in configuring, managing, and troubleshooting Microsoft’s versatile cloud platform for consistent performance and results.

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Google Cloud

Google Cloud

Our Google Cloud Management pros maximize efficiencies and opportunities by taking advantage of the platform’s innovative tools and leading security features.

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Success Stories

  • B2B-commerce Enterprise's Managed IT

    Our Australian client’s lifeblood is B2B sales, which is carried out by multiple field teams and requires frequent, large-scale demos at industry events. Ensuring that their service is fast, reliable, and scalable means that our managed IT team is on duty around the clock, 7-days a week, to operate, maintain, and optimize their entire IT infrastructure on a popular cloud provider.

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  • Optisolve

    IT Management for an Environmental Enterprise

    We manage the entire complex array of cloud-side components that make up the IT infrastructure to run both internal systems and client-facing online properties of a leading environmental enterprise. Our seasoned systems administrators also ensure the optimal health of the cloud IT infrastructure with continuous monitoring.


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