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Managed IT Service

The reach and use of modern web-based applications and platforms is steadily increasing the size and complexity of back-end infrastructure required to sustain and grow it. Meanwhile the range of technologies continues to diversify as existing services gain capabilities and specialised services come into existence. You need a qualified team in your corner helping you make sense of it all and keeping it under control. Net Solutions has experienced and certified system administrators that help startups and enterprises all over the world manage their IT backends reliably.

Supported Platforms

  • Amazon
  • Microsoft
  • Google
  • Cloud
  • Servers

Managed IT Services

Net Solutions provides both startups and enterprises all over the globe with a range of IT management services.

Regular Maintenance

Keep your infrastructure up to date with regular system maintenance activities like security updates, system cleaning, etc.

Monitoring Services

Ensure highest possible uptime with automated monitoring services keeping an eye on infrastructure availability and health sensors.

Optimisation Services

Extract the maximum value from your provisioned infrastructure and shed excess load to reduce your costs by evaluating & configuring the systems efficiently.

Infrastructure Provisioning

Get the right and appropriate cloud infrastructure provisioned with the configuration settings best suited for your requirements.

Migration Services

Move your software & data between cloud providers or private server farms as required without worry and minimal downtime.

  • Rosslyn Tebbutt

    They were able to create exactly what we wanted and were willing to think outside the box. We wanted something different and they produced it!

    Rosslyn Tebbutt

    Founder, SampleBoard

What Makes Us Different

Full Coverage

We provide IT management services for all popular cloud providers, operating systems, database systems, and toolchains used by modern applications.

Focus on Security

Our system administrators make sure only authorised personnel and systems have access to various services and assets of your IT infrastructure.

Constantly Updated & Certified Sysadmins

We ensure our system administrators are constantly updated with the latest services, tools, techniques, and are certified to be so.

Enterprise Delivery Practices

We follow enterprise-grade IT management tools and practices like Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, and IFSQ standards.

Why Work with Us

19+ Years of Experience

An established IT company with over 19 years in servicing clients globally, you know you are in good hands when you sign up with us. The depth of experience shows.

Flexible Contracts

Recognising the varied situations that can exist for our clients, we have very flexible terms of engagement that are designed for maximum client benefit.

Handpicked System Administrators

We have some of the best system administrators in the world. Besides the usual technical skills, we also evaluate aptitude & attitude of every person.

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