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May 09, 2023

A minimum viable product is a very sound strategy when it comes to testing your idea before developing a full-fledged product. How much does it cost? And is there a way to optimize your development costs? Let's find out.

The Hot Progress Champagne 🥂

What does delivering a solution that can help 10,000 families look like?

When EdPlace started seeing rapid growth, they knew their legacy setup would hinder the scalability and integration of modern solutions to better serve their users.

Collaborating with their Back-End staff, Net Solutions was able to learn, test, and deploy integrations without any system disintegration.

The Minimum Viable Product introduced several novel features that delighted users.

After a successful launch of the MVP, Net Solutions worked on rewriting the legacy code, making it scalable and efficient, and introducing features such as enhanced assessments, improved and more-intuitive onboarding and sign-up flow and iterative improvements to CX.

But what were the pain-points we helped EdPlace address? And what were the novel features that won everyone over?

Take a look at our case study to know more.

EdPlace: From MVP to Scale-Up

The Insights Steak 🥩

I am trying to pick-up photography as a hobby. The more I learn, the more I understand it is not simply a point-and-shoot approach.

And I am not trying to restrict myself to a particular niche either — Architecture, B&W, Documentary, Landscape, Macro, Portrait — I want to learn them all.

I have already started learning about phone photography and researching about the different cameras available in the market.

It's not like I'll buy a Hasselblad and become a professional photographer.

I will need different lenses with varying focal lengths depending upon what I am trying to capture.

And they do not run cheap! 🤯

I will stick to one camera and one lens for now, but buy additional equipment with the passage of time.

Once I find my rhythm, my photography style, I will research further and build out my lens stack.

And with that, will come added costs.

The process of building a Minimum Viable Product(MVP) follows a similar path.

It is not a think-and-build approach.

Before building out your MVP, you have to sound out the overarching design, the tech stack to have in place, the number of features to incorporate etc.

Each of these components then have an associated cost that you have to factor in your budget.

So how much does building an MVP cost? And how can you optimize your MVP Development cost? We reveal all the answers in our insightful blog.

How much does an MVP cost?

Thought Leadership Croissant 🥐

Building an MVP is one part learning and one part development. In a positive feedback loop, research and learnings help with the initial development, and development helps you test assumptions, improve on initial research and charter your path forward.

The result? A well-designed core product.

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