Product Development

April 04, 2023

Low-code and no-code solutions enable teams to create efficient software products. But should you choose them over an extensive dev team? Let's find out.

The Hot Progress Fondue 🫕

Be it an in-house team, a low-code/no-code option or an outsource development partner that brings your product to life, it is vital to take a systematic approach to software development.

Can you map your development plan to the 6 stages of the software development lifecycle? Identify gaps in your action plan?

We are sharing our 6-step software development checklist that you can refer to every time you track the progress of your development efforts.

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The Insights Taco 🌮

8 years ago I wanted to learn cooking to better manage my diet and eating habits. I have to admit, it was a humbling experience.

I gave up soon after and became a frozen food specialist.

I experimented with ready-to-eat meals, mixing fresh and frozen veggies with pre-made sauces and gravy, and sometimes the good ol', king of 'em all, Mayo.

If anything, I would bring easy to cook food items to boil or simply grab Rotisserie Chicken.

Throughout everything, I made sure to eat healthy, organic foods as much as possible.

The benefit?

  • Good food without the intensive learning curve
  • Quick to serve meals — freeing up a couple of hours each day for other activities.

This ease of use reminds me of low-code and no-code tools.

Low-code and no-code development are two solutions that enable teams to create software products efficiently through drag-and-drop interfaces.

Should you hire an extensive development team or rely on low-code and no-code options? What are the benefits and drawbacks of these software development tools? Here’s which one you should choose

Is Low-Code/No-Code development right for me?

Thought Leadership Cookie 🍪

Low-Code and No-code software development options have taken the tech world by storm by removing bottlenecks of building a digital presence, while simultaneously improving business agility.

Lower costs, faster delivery. That is a 360 degree win.

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