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A Cup of Coffee with Kirron Kher, MP from Chandigarh

Brains, elegance, wisdom, prowess, and humor — that’s what was stamped on the minds of all those that awaited her. Net Solutions was today, elated to host Ms. Kirron Kher, the Member of Parliament from our very own City Beautiful, Chandigarh, for interaction with the organization and its employees.

With Sameer Jain, the CEO of Net Solutions as the convenor, Ms. Kher interacted with the employees in the warmest and the most vivacious manner we’ve ever seen. A veteran actor that she has been, and a Member of Parliament since 2014, she shared with us a few perspectives that matter to her, and that she hopes should matter to everyone, not only as a citizen of the city but the entire nation at large.

The Interaction with Kirron Kher

The Interaction with Kirron Kher

The idea was to interact with an audience that comprised young adult and adult IT professionals at Net Solutions, a demographic that forms a major part of Chandigarh's workforce and share perspective about the city and its growth.

Beginning with a friendly introduction, she dubbed herself “pan India” for it wasn’t Chandigarh that she was born in (but what most of us believed until now), as she has lived in a score of cities across states before she settled down to her parental home in Chandigarh.

In fact, that’s what she thinks makes Chandigarh what it is today — a kaleidoscope of people from not only the neighboring states in the north but also from all over the length and breadth of India. This is why she envisions Chandigarh as a center for education, tourism, and commerce (but never a hub for an industry that causes pollution).

As the interaction began between her and the audience, we came across insights not only about Chandigarh, but also about how it is headed towards growth, and the roadblocks that it’s encountering.

With a great round of interaction, questions, answers, and light moments shared, it was an insightful session revealing the expectations, anticipations, and apprehensions at both sides of the dialogue, but leaving us with one lesson — it’s our city (and the nation for that matter), and it is largely up to us to make it better and beautiful still.

We feel fortunate to be chosen for #CoffeeWithKirron series and happy to host our guest, Ms. Kirron Kher. Looking forward to many more interactions like these.

Kirron Kher Kirron Kher Kirron Kher
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