Top 10 Most Popular Apps 2019

Top 10 Most Popular Apps

Are you looking for the brilliant apps for Android or iOS? If yes, make your life easier with these updated lists of the top 10 most popular apps.

Mobile apps have been the center of innovation for quite a few years now. With the ever-growing market and upcoming modern technologies, it’s very hard to stay relevant and competitive. As per Comscore’s yearly U.S. portable applications report, 57 percent of Americans spend more than half of their digital media consumption time on mobile apps.

If businesses want to acquire good engagement from mobile, they need to develop their own apps and offer a unique user experience. Given the present state of the digital world, there are several apps being released every day on the play store and app store. These mobile apps are available to download depending upon purposes such as business, communication, entertainment, education, games, and so on to make life easier and comfortable.

Unfortunately, most of these most downloaded apps fail, some of them fare mediocrely, and only a few of them stand out from the crowd by being unique and useful to the users. And, these outstanding apps are the ones that bring about a revolution.

To help you ensure your mobile app initiative is among the ones that are a success, we have gathered the most brilliant mobile apps that deserve awards. Businesses that aim at mobile app development in the future, must have a look to have more clarity.

Top 10 Most Popular Apps - Uber


Uber is the world’s leading on-demand cab service app for riders, which is being used by more than 8 million people in 400 cities across 70 different countries. Uber is a technology-based platform that connects together the riders and drivers.

The app helps the riders get a ride without having to wait much. By incorporating Google Maps into their apps, they show the user where the pick-up point is located, where the cab is located at the time of booking, and its estimated time of arrival (ETA).

The app service has made the payment mode very easy by including (apart from cash payment) payment gateways linked to the user’s credit or debit card and mobile wallets. Moreover, after every ride, both the driver and the rider get to rate each other and share their feedback.

Available on: iOS, Android

Price: Paid as per ride

Top 10 Most Popular Apps - Instagram


Instagram gives people an easy way to connect with other people through images and videos, and by using the right kind of hashtags. In fact, it is recommended that you use hashtags as this increases your followers too. Instagram’s prominence has been developing relentlessly since it first appeared in 2010. The app presents a spectrum of opportunities in social media when it comes to digital marketing through ads and tools.

With more than 500 million active users, it is much more powerful as compared to Facebook and Twitter. If we look at the facts, Instagram posts get 58 times more engagement than Facebook and 120 times more than Twitter. Marketers are falling in love with the platform as they always look for better ROI for their business.

Availability: iOS, Android

Pricing: Free



Airbnb is a booking app that can help you with planning your holidays better and offers certainly better accommodation alternatives than hotels. Also, if you have extra space in your home and you want to offer it for tourists, Airbnb can be your one-stop solution. Airbnb came up in the year 2012 and was very popular in 2016.

With the help of technology, Airbnb built an exceptionally user-friendly app that increases the ease of doing transactions. It even took the pain out of searching and booking accommodations.

Availability: iOS

Price: Paid as per booking



Netflix is a subscription-based video-on-demand app. It is the world’s foremost subscription service for users to watch movies and TV shows on your smartphone. This mobile app provides the best experience anytime anywhere. A majority of millennials find Netflix better than any other video-on-demand app, which provides a wide variety of movies, shows, and genres to choose from.

As per Forbes, Netflix, with almost 2 million subscribers, has included 5.2 million subscribers in the second quarter of 2017. Now, it has defeated its own forecasts of 3.2 million new subscribers and continues to grow.

Availability: iOS, Android

Pricing: Free for the first month and paid (starts at $10.99) for a premium membership



Amazon is the most prominent eCommerce platform around the world. Amazon, with the help of the Internet, creates real value for customers focusing on a wide variety of things they’re looking for. This, ultimately, results in more sales. The app is light as well as fast to use. It enables you to search and filter an extensive variety of products on different parameters with only a few taps.

It offers multiple payment gateways for simple checkouts and you even get the latest updates about your order status. With the help of localization, users can likewise benefit from offers from nearby local businesses.

Availability: iOS, Android

Pricing: Paid as per orders



YouTube is considered as the world’s most famous video platform, for the people, and by the people. It helps millions of creators around the world to add and share their unique content with the target audience. It attracts millions of viewers to watch whatever they prefer to. As per wordstream, 25% of YouTube’s traffic is generated from mobile, and mobile video views have increased by 300% since 2012. Even Google has profited (and is still profiting) from YouTube, through video ad revenue.

The YouTube mobile app lets users watch videos they prefer and updates them with the most popular video on the platform. Signing into YouTube on mobile phones allows users to access channel subscriptions, friends’ activity, and recommendations. The video platform even lets users comment, share, and subscribe to video, just like the desktop or laptop experience allows.

Availability: iOS, Android

Pricing: Free, but charges for paid content like movies and web series



Dropbox is a reliable and well-designed cloud storage app that functions admirably on multiple gadgets. It helps in sharing files within the team or clients. You can even comment on documents you have shared with other people, and browse everything that you have stored online.

They have implemented many growth hacks to acquire customers. Dropbox has received many awards, which includes the best overall startup for 2011 and Macworld`s 2009 Editor’s Choice Award for Software. This is quite similar to Apple’s iCloud Drive and Google Drive. You can upload images from your smartphones automatically and store them in Dropbox.

Availability: iOS, Android

Price: Free to download; has a free version and a paid version as per add-ons.



Spotify is known as the best music streaming app with unique features. The app has ad-supported free version features, whereas a Spotify premium membership removes ads and gives additional features like offline mode for songs download when you are unable to stream.

Spotify was opened for a limited number of users in Europe in 2008. Only those with a paid subscription could access it. Then, Spotify was launched in the U.S. for all listeners in 2011. As per bbc, the Spotify app is used in 61 countries, has 159 million active users and a library of 35 million songs. The app is now grown to be the biggest streaming platform in the world.

Availability: iOS, Android

Price: Free; has a per month optional subscription charge



Seamless, known as the best food ordering app, enables users to order food online through their smartphones. Seamless is a part of mobile food ordering company GrubHub, where users can order from around 35,000 restaurants in more than 900 cities.

Seamless food ordering app stands unique as it creates value by offering food a wide variety of restaurants to their customers. Their order placement process is simpler and more user-friendly as compared to other apps.

Availability: iOS, Android

Price: Free



Pocket helps you save and share things such as videos, articles, emails you come across on your smartphone to come back later on with a browser bookmarks. The app enables you to download the stories in a clean, effectively readable interface for offline reading. It even reads content to you in a Siri-like voice.

You can also share articles, including comments with other Pocket users. The app learns what you like to read, and based on your searches, recommends more articles that may interest you. It is considered as the best productivity app because it helps in keeping track of your content on a daily basis.

Availability: iOS, Android

Price: Free

Why A Business Should Invest In Mobile App Development

eBook 12 Point Checklist for Hiring the Best App Development Partner

Since mobile presence is a need in today’s business, here are the reasons why a business should invest in mobile app development.

Increase Customer Engagement

Clients get more comfort in browsing, shopping as well as communicating with the brand in a mobile app that enables the customers to engage with your business.

Stay Competitive

Mobile apps offer an interacting environment with visual appearance. So, businesses must invest in mobile apps that portrays your business to customers in order to engage them. This, further, helps you to stay competitive and ahead of your competitors.

Increasing Revenue

By investing in mobile app development, businesses can increase their revenue as mobile apps offer easier, handy and hassle-free payment options. The app even secures the customer’s credit and debit card details.


So, here are the 10 most popular apps that are highly downloaded by the audience. all you need to do is give a look and pick the one that suits your needs. There are myriad categories available- right from gaming apps to education apps, or entertainment apps to productivity apps.

Which one is your favorite? Do let us know in the comments section given below. Also, if you are looking for a business app, you may check out our blog on the top productivity apps.

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