Building a Ride Sharing App: 15 Essential Features to Include

The idea of commuting from one place to another with convenience is one of the trendiest business ideas of today. And, why shouldn’t a user explore this trend, when there are numerous ride-sharing apps that promise faster, economical, efficient, and comfortable rides for everyone, everywhere.

With Uber being in the lead, there are many others who are trying to make their mark in this business. The ride sharing app business is indeed here to stay and flourish. We have already talked about some of the noteworthy examples of ride sharing apps in our earlier post.

If you are a budding startup, looking for a great business idea, you too could join the bandwagon of this ever-blooming ride sharing business.

The best way to stay afloat and ride higher in the business of social commuting would be to have a one-in-a-million ride-share app embedded with the feel-right features. And, your Uber-like app will be ready to get you the niche spot in this marketplace.

As for some of the prevalent features that are prime to the ride sharing app arena, we have got them covered for you here.

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1. Features for Consumers

The simple and easy way to book your ride

User-Friendly Sign-up Portal

This is the very first interface where your users will be interacting with your app. You need to make sure that the sign-up (account creation) is a friendly process. Account creation using Facebook or Google or even a sign-up using the contact number would add to the user experience at the very first instance.

Finding a Ride With Ease

The moment a user sign-ups, the riders should be able to enter the pick-up and drop-off locations on the search box provided. This would, in turn, improve the ride search time and its ETA (Estimated time of arrival), irrespective of the location of other riders. The goal should be to offer timely results while ensuring the user-friendliness of the process.

Integration of Real-Time Tracking

Once a user successfully requests to share car ride, instant activation of the real-time tracking system is a must. Usually, apps have an integrated Google maps API that helps in tracking a driver’s movements. It is this GPS tracking that proves to be a boon to the riders as it eliminates confusion and inconvenience especially in cases where many riders are involved.

The Split Payment System

For it is a shared ride we are concerned about, the fare should also be equally distributed. The payment should depend upon the individual distance traveled in order to avoid any additional expense for a rider. This not only helps in making commuting affordable but also adds to the user experience big time.

Information about other passengers

By maintaining transparency on the car sharing app, you would be able to gain your users’ trust as it will offer them a sense of security. So, it should be made a priority to keep the passenger details visible among all the travelers. When you let them know about their co-passengers, they would know that you care.

Facility to cancel the ride without any Hassle

A rider should never feel it as an obligation to hop in a cab just because they booked it. If at any point in time he feels like canceling the ride, it should be it! Your new ride sharing app should offer a flexible interface that allows canceling the ride without wasting any time. As for the cancellation fine, you need to add a time-frame within which cancellation should come free.

App Help Center to Report Bad Experiences

This is one of the most essential features of ride sharing app that you should pay heed to. The help center acts as a foundation stone in providing robust security that, in turn, is imperative for any ride sharing app business. In case of any mishap/lost item/driver behavior issues/ payment issues; the riders should be able to report directly through the app.

Push Notifications to Keep Users Updated

Interacting with your user base from time to time is a great tool when it comes to engaging them. Your app should be able to send across (active) ride details, ride start notifications, and fare details at the end of a ride. Also, you should be able to communicate regarding any running discount offers through these push notifications.

2. Features for Drivers

Driver oriented ride sharing app

Driver-Friendly Sign-up Portal

You would need drivers from all walks of society to join your new journey towards making profits. The car ride sharing app interface for the driver should provide easy account creation without making them feel lost in the midst of technicalities of the process. You could add the same Google and Facebook login or contact number registration options for easier sign-up options for the drivers.

Ability to Accept/Reject Ride Request

A driver should always be given the feel of being included. If a rider is important for the business, so is the driver. Take it as a responsibility to offer them an option to accept or reject rides as per their convenience. This will give them a reason to stick with your carpooling services.

Every Rider’s Trip Information

When there are multiple riders traveling together, drivers are likely to get confused. This is why; every rider’s trip information should be clearly communicated over the driver’s interface. It will further help them reach every rider within the estimated time while synchronizing the pick-ups and drop-offs with ease.

Built-in Navigation for Optimized Directions

Including map navigation on the driver’s side too, is a prerequisite for your mobile app development team. This will not only help the drivers reach each rider’s location in time but also help them maneuver through the shortest route possible. As a result, you would never have to worry about the drivers who are new to the place making for a well-receptive app experience altogether.

Integrated System for Receiving Payments

In this era where virtual wallets are a thing, the trend of maintaining hard cash is vanishing into oblivion. Your ride sharing app development efforts should work on embracing integrated wallets from the very start. It gives the flexibility to the users to pay effortlessly and the drivers to accept those payments conveniently.

Easy Access to the Driver Dashboards

Every driver should be having a well-maintained profile in your database. The moment a driver visits their respective dashboard, every essential detail should pop-up. Be it the driver’s overall rating, rides completed, earnings or deduction details; the interface should maintain a see-through structure.

Easy Plan-Ups for the Day

This is something that Uber does differently. Here comes the opportunity to plan the entire day in advance with unique ride sharing app features. With the trip planner, a driver would be able to analyze the hourly trends, look through available upcoming promotions, set driving time limits, and even generate the last rider’s waybill.

50-Point Checklist to Select Mobile App Developer

We respect your privacy. Your information is safe.

3. Almost Essential Features

The indispensable SOS app feature

Keeping the above-mentioned features aside, here are some of the trending app features that have turned the tables for the ride sharing business in the mobile application development process.

SOS Buttons in Case of Emergencies

With cases of mishaps around ride sharing coming to light with each passing day, the need for an SOS option has become indispensable. Whether it is the driver at fault or the rider, both should be able to report emergencies in real-time so as to ensure immediate counteract actions. After all, assured safety is a crucial element that adds to the reasons behind creating the best ride share apps of all time.

Exciting discounts for New/Loyal Users

Every new business works with an initial goal of spreading its brand awareness along with adding new users to its database. So is the case with ride share companies! And, offering new user discounts or free rides happens to be the best marketing strategy of all. You could also offer a referral bonus as this is a proven way to extend the user base from hundreds to millions in a short time.

Ability to Schedule a Ride in Advance

Your app could also make it possible for the riders to schedule their rides for sometime later in time. This proves to be an added convenience as sometimes last-minute cab can lead to frustrations. For pre-arranged trips, this feature is a good option altogether.

An App that is Multilingual

It is not essential that only a local inhabitant explores ride sharing services. To make your local app available to everyone, irrespective of where they come from; making it multilingual sounds like a plan. It would surely add to the scalability of the app and you might even bag a reward for innovation.

Ability to Mark Favorite Locations

Over time, it becomes a tedious job for everyday commuters to enter the same pick-up and drop-off locations. For your app to be recognized as a smart one, it would come as a surprise to the riders if they could add the common locations as their favorite. It will be a total bliss for people who love a hassle-free booking experience.

Facility to Add Tip to the Drivers

A token of appreciation should always be welcome! If a rider finds a driver’s service satisfactory or a driver goes an extra mile for the rider; a tip-off facility should be available. This will not only boost the confidence of the driver but will also make them feel motivated to be kind in this otherwise self-centered world.

The app should work even in lost connections

A working internet connection is not always accessible. When a driver enters a low-network area, it becomes impossible for them to access any of the app features. So, it would be a great move if you build a share car ride app that facilitates accessibility to starting and ending trips even in case of lost internet connections.


So, this is it! Building a ride sharing app should never be taken lightly as this one platform of yours can generate immense profits tomorrow. The idea should be, to take inspiration from the above-mentioned features and blend them with a pinch of innovation to design your own out of the box ride share app!

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