Re-engineering of a Magento 2 eCommerce Site

Legend Footwear, established in the heart of London in 1992, has been offering high quality branded footwear for 25 years, to millions of customers globally. They have been trading online for 10 years, with positive feedback from over 200,000 customers. They offer authentic products that are on-trend, from over 100 name brands including Dr. Martens, Fly London, Timberland, Nike, and so on.

As Legend Footwear was already built on the Magento 2 platform, we helped them upgrade from version 2.1.6 to 2.1.8, as well as customize themes/plugins and optimize images for their eCommerce store.

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The Problem

Legend Footwear approached Net Solutions to work on the customization of their Magento 2 eCommerce website to offer their customers a better shopping experience.

Our client was facing the following issues:

  • Low speed and performance: The loading speed of the website was very slow and failed to rank in Google, on both desktop and mobile sites. This also resulted in low-performance scores in GTMetrix.
  • Lack of mobile-friendly design: They were unable to reach mobile customers due to the site being non-mobile friendly, or taking too much time to upload.
  • Home page issue: The existing Magento setup was having code issues, causing the homepage to face the white screen of death (WSOD) issue.
  • Indexing issue: The product-listing page was not well organized, or up-to-date, due to an indexing issue in their current setup. They were unable to see the newly updated products on front-end catalog pages.
  • Checkout page issue: The page loading speed was slow, causing customers to be unable to proceed to checkout. As well, checkout was unable to launch in Safari, when done in private mode.
  • Product catalog and images issue: Due to the slow loading speed, products can't be searched on Google SERP. The non-visibile updated product catalog, and unorganized images, were driving away prospective customers.

The Challenges

  • Making changes on the LIVE site: The client wanted us to work on the LIVE site within their time zone, and when the traffic was high. They wanted us to resolve customer issues in real time, to make the shopping experience smoother.
  • Dealing with Magento 2 core issues: During the development of their e-commerce site, we faced some core issues in Magento 2 including large catalog images resize issues, catalog-reindexing issues, product image watermarks, and URL rewrites. These issues became prominent as Magento 2 was recently launched, and there was not much support available.
The Solution

The Solution

Here are the solutions we offered to Legend Footwear to help resolve their problems with site performance and speed:
  • Resolved core functionality issues: As Magento 2 is a fully feature-loaded platform and was not a stable version, it came with lots of issues. Our team of developers were able to add extensions with improved Magento 2 functionality.
  • Reindexing: Due to a large number of product listings on the page, the site was unable to perform re-indexing operations. Our developers analyzed the reindexing problem to allow faster operation on the site.
  • Image optimization: To ensure that the images were not affecting the site's performance, we optimized the images and compressed them for less data usage and easy page loads, which made it more mobile-friendly.
  • Integrated payment gateways: To enhance their customer's shopping experience without any glitches, we integrated payment gateways for secure online transactions.
  • Server cache implementation: To enhance the website speed performance, we configured the Redis cache.
  • Reduce HTTP requests on the server: We helped them reduce the number of HTTP requests on the server. This improved the loading time of the pages, with efficient programming techniques and required configurations.
  • JS files optimization: To make the front-end of the eCommerce website attractive without affecting the speed of the site, we optimized the JS files errors, because most of the pages: product category, checkout, and homepage, had stopped working properly. We resolved the query by enabling JS files merging and minifying, in Magento.
  • Reduced server disc space: We worked on the Legend Footwear website to reduce the server space. This also improved the website performance and ran the server level process smoothly.

The Result

Site Speed Improvements

With the help of the solution we offered, the site was able to improve speed and performance. By optimizing the images, implementing Cloudflare, and database queries on the site, the chance of online sales increases. This leads to better visibility of the product, and draws more traffic to the website.

Mobile-friendly Website

By rebuilding their website with responsive design, we helped Legend Footwear attract mobile users by offering a better and more secure shopping experience.

Better User Experience

A fast loading web page helped the website get better user experience, and boosted their search engine ranking. We optimized on GTMetrix performance scores to improve the speed of the site.

Fast Checkout Process

To deliver a better shopping experience to the customers, we optimized the checkout process for a faster, easier, and secure checkout experience thus leading to a significant increase in online sales.

The Result
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