The Gartner CRM Vendor Guide, 2018 Mentions Net Solutions

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Net Solutions yet again finds a mention as one of the “cool vendors”, this time in the Gartner CRM Vendor Guide, 2018, adding another plume to its hat after the mention in the 2017 report. Net Solutions has been selected as one of the chosen few CRM Application Software Specialists in the Asia Pacific by Gartner, a leading technology research firm.

Each year Gartner’s CRM Vendor Guide identifies the leaders in the area of CRM as well as customer experience, apart from highlighting how Customer Relationship Management continues to ground its feet deeper in the market, leading to higher investment in digital technologies to enhance customer experience. It also highlights the tools that help deliver a high level of Customer Experience.

Besides mentioning the leaders in CRM application software category, this year’s guide also suggested that CRM apps are projected to overtake the the data management market by 2020, thus likely to claim the first spot as the largest software market.

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Siddhartha Dhiman

About the Author

Siddhartha is an experienced IT professional with over 14 years of experience in Product Management functions that include Digital Marketing, Business Intelligence, Marketing Automation, Operation Management, Product Support, and Lead Generation. At Net Solutions, he's leading Inbound Marketing and work on content marketing strategies focused specifically around CRMs, CMSs, and Product Development. In his free time not very disconnected from the digital - he loves to binge-watch Netflix.

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