Business Storytelling By Subinder Khurana in NASSCOM Workshop

NASSCOM Workshop on Business Storytelling By Subinder Khurana

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Stories are undoubtedly a direct channel to the heart. But, only if you understand them!

In this era, entrepreneurs are trying to engage and attract the attention of their customers at every single touchpoint. But, many a time, what they expect to be a happy ending, turns out to be exactly the opposite.

The reason?

Storytelling, a key to persuasion, is most likely missing.

Mr. Subinder Khurana, an IIT alumnus and the founder of NASSCOM DeepTech Club, shared with us today what storytelling is all about and how it matters to businesses. He primarily works with entrepreneurs and professionals to help understand what hinders growth in building a valuable business.

It was a highly interactive and fruitful session attended by some of the top professionals coming from around the city. From the very start, Mr. Khurana hooked the audience and instigated curiosity to the core.

The amazing part was how effortlessly he grabbed the attention of the audience and taught how to build stories worth telling.


His speech was an eyeopener as he made a point that many were unaware of, i.e. when telling a story worth telling, delivery is not that important. Because, if a customer felt an emotional connection through your story, remembered, and paid attention throughout; the storyteller has already done his job.

He also made a reference to “Story Arc”, which is a design pattern for twists and turns in a story to build engagement. To be precise, it is an emotional roller coaster ride that starts with hooking the audience, defining the problem, introducing the solution, while making our way towards transformation.

And, the cherry on the cake was the metaphoric reference to a cybersecurity firm that introduced an AI-enabled antivirus to detect and remove viruses as when they appear.

They failed miserably when they were trying to grab their customers’ attention by boasting about their product and just stating facts blatantly.

But, when they applied the “Story Arc” concept, they were able to persuade and get the desired attention, bringing wonders to their business. The new strategy revolved around stating the problems faced by the businesses, creating a state of urgency for a better system, and then introduced a newer AI-powered antivirus system that transformed the business in question.

That is exactly how the antivirus firm got back in business. They built a story worth listening to. As simple as that!

That was not all! Mr. Subinder Khurana also made his point clear through engaging videos that complimented his insightful and enjoyable speech. The entire session itself followed a story arc that persuaded us to start embedding storytelling into our business interactions, right from day one.

We are thankful to Mr.Khurana for taking out time from his busy schedule to be here and being such a wonderful orator. Net Solutions looks forward to organizing more of such events in the future that would add value to our business as well as others.

To conclude it all, here are some thoughts shared by people who attended this marvelous event:

I realized how to go about boosting our sales and what exactly storytelling means. I will make sure that my team definitely implements the idea of storytelling in our organization. – Shuchi Thakur

We always knew that storytelling is important but we did not know how to create an enticing story which we got to know today. It was a great session. – Aman Kaur

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