State of Digital Transformation

The unceasing relevance of Customer Experience

The current uncertain customer behavior is impacting the business landscape. This year is all about understanding the customers better, and delivering them better experiences, steered by the key eight emerging technologies and trends.

  • data-analytics
  • artificial-intellige
  • cloud-services
  • digital-security
  • ustomer-centric
  • iot
  • connected-supply-chains
  • customer-data-platforms

A quick preview


Post COVID-19, I see an upswing in the technology investment in the healthcare industry. Technology can help automate some aspects of the jobs of doctors and nurses, strengthen their relationship with patients because of better communication (even outside the facility), and facilitate the flow of information. All this ties up to one thing — delivering improved, comfortable, intuitive, and humanized care experience to every patient throughout their healthcare journey.

Jonathan Adrian

Jonathan Adrian

Sr. Director bluepoint
  • Which of the following is your organizations’ investing plan
    as part of its data strategy?

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  • What, other than technology, drives digital transformation?

    digital transformation
  • What percent of share does your organization plan to invest in the digital transformation initiative?

    digital transformation initiative
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