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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Why do so many companies in Europe, North America, Australia, and other industrialized parts of the world turn to India as an outsourcing destination?

Young, talented software engineers are plentiful in the world’s most populous nation, and Coursera’s Global Skills Report found that Indian engineers excel in cloud computing and other cutting-edge technologies.

Combined with the lower costs of tech labor, it’s easy to see why companies in the USA and other places are tapping into Indian offshore software development to fulfill many of their tech-related business needs.

Of course, hiring IT companies overseas comes with a few risks. One way to mitigate risk is through proper selection, so we’ve put together this list of some of the best software development firms in India.

You’ll still need to do your due diligence before hiring any software development outsourcing partner, but this list is a good place to start if you want to save money and tap into one of the most impressive talent pools in the world to power your design and development efforts.

Top 11 Software Development Outsourcing Companies in India

Drawing from reviews and ratings on Clutch.co and G2—two popular review sites for tech companies and outsourcing firms—we’ve created this list of 11 top software development outsourcing companies in India.

Note that this data is based on public records, and some of it may have changed by the time you read this. Its accuracy depends as well on the information found on those source sites. To verify any vendor’s pricing, offerings, etc., speak directly with their sales reps.

Top 11 Software Development Outsourcing Companies in India
  • Net Solutions

    Okay, full disclosure: Net Solutions is our company, so rather than letting us tell you how happy our clients are, check out our reviews on Clutch.co (4.8 stars) and G2 (4.9 stars) to see what they’re saying about us.

    Net Solutions has over 66 reviews at the time of publication and close to 50 case studies on the website highlighting work across many industries. The company is also ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2015 certified.

    Net Solutions serves enterprise clients, mid-size companies, and startups around the world, and we’ve been in business for more than 20 years. Net Solutions takes an Agile, DevOps strategy to designing and building software products (while adapting to any client request for different methodologies).

    The company is a full-service software development firm, meaning they can provide end-to-end development services or provide staff augmentation to supplement in-house teams. Net Solutions’ experience includes web applications, mobile app development (Android and iOS), and desktop apps.

    Creating software solutions for companies of all sizes, from startups to enterprises, Net Solutions is willing and able to adapt to your local time zone if that would benefit you.

    The firm is PCI DSS-certified for safe, secure credit card processing and its teams are well-versed in cybersecurity compliance requirements related to GDPR, HIPAA, and other industry-specific regulations.

    • Location: Chandigarh, India
    • Founded: 2000
    • Team Size: 500+
    • Industry Focus: Healthcare, Media, retail eCommerce, SaaS, finance and FinTech, sports and fitness, education and training
    • Notable Clients: Harvard Business Review, Euro Car Parts, Xerox, ADP, English Premier League, VIP Cars, IMG (follow any link to view a detailed case study)
    • Services Offered: Project Management, UX and UI Design, Custom software development, Quality Assurance testing, IT managed services, cybersecurity, app modernization, and digital transformation
    • Key Features: Net Solutions is a full-service software development firm with wide-ranging experience serving U.S. and European enterprises and startups. Going far beyond simple order taking, Net Solutions serves as a strategic partner. Project managers and other staff are fluent in English and easy to work with.
    • Pricing: $25 - $49 per hour and custom quotes
  • Flatworld Solutions

    Flatworld Solutions has been in business for quite some time—almost as long as Net Solutions—bringing over 20 years of experience to the table and quite a few satisfied customers across the globe.

    Flatworld Solutions

    The company has 3,500 employees and a well-above-average 4.7-star rating on Clutch.co (no ratings or reviews yet on G2 at the time of publication). ISO-certified with a library of case studies, Flatworld is one of India’s top IT service providers and development companies.

    • Location: Bengaluru, India
    • Founded: 2002
    • Team Size: 3,500+
    • Industry Focus: Media, education and training, software, healthcare
    • Notable Clients: MSN, Loomis, International Career Institute
    • Services Offered: Software development, UX and UI design, QA, research and analysis
    • Key Features: A full-service outsourcing partner that has been in business for more than two decades, Flatworld offers cost-effective development and IT services, helping clients access the latest technologies to support their endeavors.
    • Pricing: $25 - $49 per hour
  • TatvaSoft

    TatvaSoft is a skilled software outsourcing firm that provides end-to-end design and development for clients on a budget.


    With solid reviews on Clutch.co and some fairly impressive clients, this mid-size firm brings quite a bit to the table. And while they don’t yet have any ratings on G2, their website features a solid collection of case studies and touts over 1,800 completed projects.

    • Location: Ahmedabad, India
    • Founded: 2001
    • Team Size: 250+
    • Industry Focus: Retail, technology, healthcare, finance, education
    • Notable Clients: De Beers, Fiji Airways, NSW Health
    • Services Offered: Custom software development (mobile and web), UX and UI design
    • Key Features: Full-service software development firm delivering end-to-end design and development services for companies on a budget.
    • Pricing: Less than $25 per hour
  • Techuz

    A small agency with around 75 employees, Techuz offers solid rates like most Indian outsourcing services. They’ve worked in a variety of industries as well: Healthcare, finance, education, eCommerce, and others, assisting with custom software development and web development.


    As Agile developers, the IT outsourcing team is capable of end-to-end MVP design and development. Techuz also offers staff augmentation services to support in-house development teams.

    While their roster of clients isn’t quite as impressive as other organizations on this list in terms of household names, Techuz does feature plenty of positive reviews and high ratings on Clutch.io. Plus, they’ve got a decent collection of case studies on their website that testify to their skill set.

    • Location: Ahmedabad, India
    • Founded: 2012
    • Team Size: 75+
    • Industry Focus: Education, Healthcare, Finance, eCommerce
    • Notable Clients: Global Survey, RemoteGo, Tutorac
    • Services Offered: Web development, web design, custom software development
    • Key Features: A small business offering cost-effective website and mobile app design and development for companies of all sizes.
    • Pricing: Less than $25 to $49 per hour
  • Bacancy

    Bacancy offers quality software solutions at reasonable rates, like many of the firms featured on this list. Their services include mobile and web app development, UI and UX design, and software testing.


    Bacancy has reasonably strong ratings on Clutch.co (no ratings yet on G2). They’ve served household names like Mercedes-Benz, Warner Brothers, and Verizon. They also claim experience in blockchain technology, AI, and ML. Plus, they offer big data consulting for their clients.

    • Location: Ahmedabad, India
    • Founded: 2011
    • Team Size: 1000+
    • Industry Focus: Automotive, Media, Telecom
    • Notable Clients: Mercedes-Benz, Red Bull, Warner Brothers, Verizon.
    • Services Offered: Custom software development, web development, big data consulting, IT managed services
    • Key Features: A large design and development firm specializing in AI, ML, and big data consulting.
    • Pricing: Less than $25 per hour
  • Netgains

    Netgains is an outsourcing company with 20 years of experience, and the firm’s IT consulting software development teams have served over 500 clients. They offer end-to-end design, development, QA, and marketing analytics.


    Netgains has an excellent rating on Clutch.co, but unfortunately, they have no reviews or ratings on G2 at the time of publication. Nevertheless, they’ve served clients around the world and feature plenty of case studies on their website.

    Although they don’t have many “big name” clients, they do have solid experience and testimonials to back up their work. The only downside is that they charge more than many other companies on this list.

    • Location: Chandigarh, India
    • Founded: 2004
    • Team Size: 200+
    • Industry Focus: Education, government, energy, retail
    • Notable Clients: Fundmaster, TK Custom, Carla Busso
    • Services Offered: Web development, UX and UI design, cloud services, marketing analytics, managed IT services
    • Key Features: End-to-end software development and design services, with additional offerings in market analytics and IT services and over 500 projects completed.
    • Pricing: $50 to $99/per hour
  • Tvisha Technologies

    Another long-standing Indian firm offering reasonable rates and quality work is Tvisha Technologies. Slightly smaller than many other firms on this list, they bring end-to-end development to the table, including UI/UX design. They offer digital marketing services as well.

    Tvisha Technologies

    Tvisha’s ratings aren’t quite as high on the review sites as others on this list (at the time of publication), but they still have respectable reviews and ratings. The firm also highlights its experience with marketing analytics, which is incorporated in Tvisha’s offerings.

    • Location: Hyderabad, India
    • Founded: 2003
    • Team Size: 200+
    • Industry Focus: Engineering, Healthcare, SaaS
    • Notable Clients: Blue Cross, Apollo
    • Services Offered: Software development (mobile and web), IT services
    • Key Features: A boutique outsourcing firm specializing in software development with an added focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning (ML), and other new technologies.
    • Pricing: $25 - $49 per hour
  • ValueCoders

    Another long-standing firm with 20 years in the industry, ValueCoders specializes in software development projects for small- and mid-size businesses. Although they only have seven ratings on Clutch.co and only one rating on G2, their reviews are positive and they have case studies outlining their work.


    An Agile-focused development firm, they also offer QA testing and consulting on market analytics and data processing. Their team of over 600 developers has worked with household names like Yale University, Panasonic, and the World Health Organization.

    • Location: Gurugram, India
    • Founded: 2004
    • Team Size: 650+
    • Industry Focus: eCommerce, Education, IT, Healthcare
    • Notable Clients: Yale University, Panasonic, World Health Organization
    • Services Offered: Software Development, QA testing, marketing analytics consulting
    • Key Features: A 20-year-old outsourcing firm with well-known clients, willing to adapt to local time zones and able to work on a fixed-cost, hourly, or monthly retainer basis.
    • Pricing: Less than $25 per hour
  • ClassicInformatics

    ClassicInformatics has been in business since 2002, and they claim to take a client-centric approach to software development outsourcing services—with an emphasis on innovation and producing quality work.


    Their team of around 200 serves clients around the world, with strong ratings on Clutch.co (no ratings yet on G2). They take an Agile approach to development and they’ve completed over 2,000 projects.

    • Location: Gurugram, India
    • Founded: 2002
    • Team Size: 200+
    • Industry Focus:
    • Notable Clients: FranklinCovey, Crane, MarketMeter
    • Services Offered: Custom software development, MVP development, digital transformation, business intelligence
    • Key Features: Development-focused Agile firm with over 20 years of experience, ClassicInformatics has strong customer reviews and a library of case studies.
    • Pricing: $25 to $49 per hour
  • Aalpha

    Aalpha and its team of talented software engineers have served governmental organizations such as The World Bank, along with eCommerce companies and other for-profit organizations.


    They have impressive ratings on different review sites, and they have case studies outlining their work so prospective clients can get a sense of what it’s like to work with them. At the time of publication, they’ve served over 900 companies worldwide.

    • Location: Bangalore, India
    • Founded: 2008
    • Team Size: 500+
    • Industry Focus: Government, eCommerce, IT, healthcare
    • Notable Clients: The World Bank, Town of Fairview, TX, Bausch & Lomb
    • Services Offered: Software development and design (UX and UI), eCommerce website development, IT consulting
    • Key Features: With over 900 customers, Aalpha serves a range of industries and offers cost-effective development and IT consulting services
    • Pricing: Less than $25 per hour
  • CDN Solutions

    CDN Solutions has been offering custom software product development for over 20 years, serving more than 75 countries and delivering over 2,200 projects. In addition to development services, CDN offers general IT and digital transformation consulting.

    CDN Solutions

    An ISO 9001-certified IT organization, they pride themselves on customer service, and they’ve incorporated AI, IoT, and blockchain technologies into their offerings.

    Despite their many years in business and serving a variety of industries, we couldn’t find many household names in their client roster, but they do have solid reviews and case studies describing their work with small and mid-size companies.

    • Location: Indore, India
    • Founded: 2000
    • Team Size: 270+
    • Industry Focus: Healthcare, travel, education, agriculture, automotive, finance
    • Notable Clients: Sensa, Lendstar c
    • Services Offered: Software development, AI and IoT integrations, web development
    • Key Features: ISO 9001-certified development firm largely serving mid-size companies. CDN offers affordable development rates and they can incorporate AI and IoT into their offerings.
    • Pricing: Less than $25 per hour

Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Software Development to India

There are pros and cons to outsourcing, just like every business decision. We want to give you a realistic understanding of both the advantages and possible disadvantages to working with Indian software development outsourcing firms.

Keep in mind that you can address all the cons by properly vetting any potential offshore or nearshore outsourcing partners. With this in mind, begin your search with some of the firms on this list, and don’t be afraid to have a frank conversation with any potential vendor regarding your concerns.

Selection is one of the most important factors in outsourcing success, so choose wisely!

Pros and Cons of Outsourcing
						Software Development to India

One thing to note about the time zone challenges is that some firms are willing to adapt their hours to synchronize with your internal staff.

We’ve done that with many clients here at Net Solutions, including Soaq (click to read their success story). Other clients preferred to work asynchronously, such as Kitco, who hired us for QA testing so their in-house engineers would wake up to full bug reports the next day.

Again, all of these cons can be addressed through careful vetting and asking outsourcing firms the right questions. Yes, start by reaching out to the top software development firms on this list, but follow up with challenging questions, clear project requirements, and solid contracts (including NDAs).

Keep in mind as well that while keeping outsourcing costs manageable is important, price shouldn’t be your only criterion. If you skimp on quality to save money, it may end up costing you in the end, due to downtime, poor performance, and lost business.

Need a Development Partner for Your Next Software Project?

Net Solutions has over twenty years of experience with end-to-end application development, from UI and UX design to development and testing.

We can also provide project managers to oversee your dedicated team from Net Solutions, or you can hire employees to work alongside your team—under the direction of your own staff.

Take a look at our library of nearly 50 case studies, along with our reviews on Clutch.co and G2. Then schedule an appointment to chat with one of our experts and see how we can help bring your next software development project to life.

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