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Net Solutions How to Develop a CRM Software Application

How to Develop a CRM Software Application

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications are the key to unlocking business growth, but too often, companies settle on CRMs with siloed data and systems that undercut their effectiveness. As a world-class custom CRM development company, we take a deep dive into your business objectives, data, and digital disconnects in your customer journey. From there, we create a bespoke solution from scratch or by customizing a leading platform like Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, or HubSpot that optimizes your organization’s productivity through automated workflows, enhanced sales cycles and marketing strategies, and data- and analytic-driven insights for unstoppable business growth.

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Custom CRM Development Services

We have extensive experience developing, implementing, migrating, and supporting scalable and custom CRM development services that empower businesses to focus on growth opportunities. Our customer CRM development services include:

Connected Business Applications

The more you can streamline your relationship management, the better. Our custom CRM development specialists have expertise in designing, developing, and implementing robust omnichannel CRMs. While the business applications we develop can stand solidly on their own, they are also designed to work brilliantly together.

They include:

  • Sales: Relationship selling, modernized sale productivity, personalized sales

  • Customer Service: Modernized cross-channel customer service, customer service insights

  • Field Service: Connected field service, remote assist, service automation

  • Marketing: Customer journey transformation, connected sales and marketing

  • Talent: Hiring great talent, self-service and collaboration

  • Finance and operations: Connected, optimized finance, back office, retail, supply chain operations

  • Mixed reality: Real-time collaboration, remote assist

Our experience runs the gamut, from retail app development and eCommerce development solutions to a variety of service business CRM solutions. Contact us if you're wondering if custom CRM development is right for your business.

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Connected Business Applications
Social CRM

Social CRM

Billions of people worldwide use social media daily, so it makes sense that socially inspired, conversion-driven (vs. sales-driven) CRM has become essential. We build social CRM solutions that enable your customers to interact with your brand through their preferred channels — empowering your business to continuously improve customer service and gain greater marketing insight to evolve existing products and services, identify upsells, and develop new products and services.

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AI-Driven Insights

Just because there's unlimited data at your fingertips doesn't mean you have the answers you need to grow and scale your business. Our custom CRM development services, which include chatbot and virtual assistant development, help you tame the firehouse of information and surface actionable insights and predictive guidance from firsthand customer experience. With the right AI for your business, you’ll make better decisions and see clearer paths to improvement and innovation.

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AI-Driven Insights

Develop a Custom CRM Platform to Manage and Cultivate Your Lead Gen Funnel

In today’s Experience Economy, nurturing customer relationships at all points along their journey is no longer a nice-to-have — it’s a must. Because your business isn’t generic and cookie-cutter, you need a partner who can help you develop a Digital Customer Experience Platform (DXP) in conjunction with a CRM to deliver integrated, personalized digital experiences like websites, portals, and mobile apps.

Net Solutions Software Development Consulting Approach

The benefits of working with a custom CRM development company to develop a bespoke platform to optimize your lead generation funnel include:

  • A single source of customer data: Your custom CRM makes consistency and personalization — the central attributes of exceptional digital experiences — easy and efficient.
  • Consistency across touchpoints: As customers move between your website, mobile, and other digital touchpoints, you can provide a seamless experience across the board, from branding and content to data and products.
  • Personalized experiences and content: Content is the conversation you have with customers — a DXP/CRM infrastructure ensures you deliver the right content to the right customer at the right time, increasing engagement, conversions, and loyalty.
  • Connection is smooth and timely: Keep in touch with customers via personalized email campaigns and live outreach.
  • Proactively manage customer relationships: There are ups and downs in any relationship; a well-tuned CRM enables you to better serve your customers — especially when they have concerns or complaints — and keep the relationship healthy and strong.
  • Respond quickly to requests: Today’s customers demand and expect immediate service, and AI, from chatbots to virtual assistants, can make (or break) your customer service.
  • Provide a consistent CX across the board: Your reputation relies not on one channel but on all spaces where your business has a digital presence. Your custom CRM ensures a consistent, intuitive cross-platform experience.

We'll Align Our Development Framework with Your Desired CRM Strategy

Customer service is not only at the root of what you do — it’s our top priority, too! We offer various engagement models to help you reduce costs, maximize efficiencies, and accelerate time to market. And we always tailor our custom CRM development services to fit your business needs and strategy.

That said, we do operate within an Agile-driven defined framework for custom CRM development. Here are the broad strokes of our CRM development process:

Business Analysis

1. Business Analysis

We start by taking a detailed look at your business objectives and make recommendations for the best ways to address them with CRM functionality.

User Experience

2. User Experience

Next, we connect with your stakeholders through a variety of means (i.e., surveys, focus groups, etc.) to define and develop frictionless user journey(s)

CRM Development

3. CRM Development

We design and deploy a CRM solution to meet your business goals; it can be built from scratch or through innovative customization.

Quality Check

4. Quality Check

Our QA pros check to ensure the CRM functionality works as required and intended; bugs and deficiencies are uncovered and addressed.

Data Migration From Legacy CRM or Spreadsheets

5. Data Migration From Legacy CRM or Spreadsheets

We ensure data transfer to your new CRM solution goes seamlessly, without any data loss, corruption, or impact on the live business processes.

User Training

6. User Training

We train your end users to adopt CRM’s functionality and use it efficiently.

Product Review

7. Product Review

We scan the product for vulnerabilities and “code smells” (code that violates design principles) and benchmark against leading industry coding standards before proceeding with “Go-Live.”

Production Rollout/ “Go-Live”

8. Production Rollout/ “Go-Live”

We roll out your CRM to the production environment for end users to exercise and experience its capabilities.

Ongoing Support, Maintenance, and Product Enhancements

9. Ongoing Support, Maintenance, and Product Enhancements

Launch is just the beginning; we offer continuing support to fine-tune your CRM features and processes to comply with emerging user needs and keep up with your organization's digital transformation.

Align Our Development Framework with Your Desired CRM Strategy
Align Our Development Framework with Your Desired CRM Strategy

At a Glance: Why Choose Net Solutions to Be Your Partner for Custom CRM Development

  • We’re a leading software consulting company with more than 20 years of experience in custom CRM development.

  • Gartner has recognized us as a top-rated digital experience provider and one of the "cool" vendors in the CRM space in Asia/Pacific.

  • We follow the right approach for custom CRM development with an Agile mindset and DevOps culture, maximizing efficiencies and minimizing waste.

  • When you work with us, there’s no communication barrier, and you can take advantage of our time zone — we get work done while you’re sleeping!

  • We are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, HubSpot partner agency, and AWS Partner.

At a Glance: Why Choose Net Solutions to Be Your Partner for Custom CRM Development

FAQs About Net Solutions’ Custom CRM Development Services

What is the implementation timeframe when developing a custom CRM solution?

With all that a custom CRM can do, you might think it would take a long time to develop the best solution for your business. But that’s not the case with a custom CRM development company like Net Solutions – in many cases, you’re looking at just a few weeks to a few months. We use an Agile methodology and have a DevOps culture, which helps us move quickly and efficiently.

How to develop CRM software in Java, PHP, and other technologies?

The short answer is: hire an experienced CRM development company! The CRM development is complex, as outlined above. Our seasoned team of CRM software developers is experienced in all leading-edge technologies. But, as importantly, they are focused on building software with human-centric design. That means that the core promise of your CRM – building and nurturing your customer relationships — is fully realized.

What are the benefits of developing a custom CRM system versus an existing CRM service?

While existing CRMs theoretically make sharpening your competitive edge simple, the truth is that creating a CRM with just the right features and functions for your business isn’t simple. It’s not a “one-size-fits-all” proposition. While robust functionality might seem great, you might not need all the bells and whistles of an out-of-the-box solution. Conversely, it also might not come with exactly what you need to optimize your business workflows.

When you work with a custom CRM development company, you benefit from their team’s expertise and experience. A bespoke CRM might be an investment up front, but it pays for itself with workflows, data models, and automation tailored to your needs, along with more meaningful analytics, ease of use, and better overall performance.

Benefits of developing a customized CRM include:

  • Greater efficiency
  • Better integration of sales and marketing teams
  • Customized reporting with insightful KPIs
  • Leading-edge data security
  • Flexible, user-friendly functionality
  • Improved scalability
  • Abundant integrations
  • Less expensive than ready-made/off-the-shelf CRM
  • Loads of automation options

And more! We’re here to answer any questions you have about working with our custom CRM development company.

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