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Many years ago, Net Solutions began working with Celergo, an American payroll services provider based in Illinois. Celergo was a significant player in its field, serving clients across 150+ nations. ADP eventually acquired Celergo, and the new management was so impressed with Net Solutions’ performance that they extended the engagement indefinitely.

Celergo’s early success outsourcing to Net Solutions demonstrates why ADP—the payroll giant FORTUNE magazine has named one of the World’s Most Admired Companies for 15-years straight years—continues to work with Net Solutions to this day. From a trial project to a UX overhaul of core client-facing modules (and more), Net Solutions has become an integral part of ADP’s IT maintenance and development strategy over the years.

The Challenge: Aging Software and Limited Capacity

Before discovering Net Solutions, Celergo had a solid, cloud-based payroll management platform used across the globe, but the system was starting to show its age. Since the competition was fierce in this sector, management understood the need for continuous innovation.

Budgets, however, were tight. The in-house team was feeling the strain, so the company began their search for affordable outside resources to support their work.

In an effort to upgrade the user experience and meet ever-increasing end-user expectations, Celergo reached out to Net Solutions based on the recommendation from one of their clients. Impressed by their experience, capabilities, and mature processes, they decided to see if Net Solutions could serve as an extension of their team.

As a trial run, Celergo hired two Net Solutions developers in a resource augmentation model, assigning simple maintenance tasks. Net Solutions’ team sprang into action to coordinate with Celergo and align their processes with their new client’s systems and tools. To this end, they quickly learned and internalized Celergo’s systems, processes, and coding standards.

In a true resource augmentation model, Net Solutions’ developers used tools provided by the client to coordinate communication and work on the primary, cloud-based product.

Net Solutions provided hardworking resources and leveraged their technical understanding to devise a zero-error solution. Net Solutions has been very proactive about the solution design, and they showed dedication to their responsibilities.

Jasvinder Parmar

Jasvinder Parmar

Vice President of Development, ADP
Expanding Net Solutions’ Role

Expanding Net Solutions’ Role

As the Celergo team became more and more comfortable working with Net Solutions, they explored additional ways to access their talent, including upgrading the CRM platform used by Celergo’s products. The developers at Net Solutions aligned with the Celergo Product team to upgrade the Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Net Solutions provided technical experts who were able to deliver huge business value, and we were able to meet the project timelines and budget. With Net Solutions’ help, we were able to save costs while delivering a quality solution.

Jasvinder Parmar

Jasvinder Parmar

Vice President of Development, ADP
UX Overhaul of Core Client-facing Modules

UX Overhaul of Core Client-facing Modules

Pleasantly surprised that Net Solutions had a mature UX design team that followed industry best-practices for research and design, Celergo turned to them to help rethink the current UX.

Based on Voice of the Customer (VoC) feedback, Celergo had been thinking about doing a UX upgrade to their market-leader platform, which had become dated.

The goal was two-fold, and included:

  • Modernizing the UX to reflect current best practices
  • Enhancing the interface, making the platform easier for end-users to navigate

Celergo decided to hire Net Solutions for the job, and the Net Solutions UX team began working with Celergo to understand their users’ needs and expectations. They worked to identify where the current design fell short, and they helped create and deploy a new design that received excellent feedback and high customer satisfaction ratings.

The Net Solutions Team engaged Solutions Architects and UX resources to fine tune the solution design for us. The project manager orchestrated the full involvement of different teams to deliver a zero-defect solution.

Jasvinder Parmar

Jasvinder Parmar

Vice President of Development, ADP

Creating an Automation Tool for the ADP Payroll System

Now part of ADP, the former Celergo team called on Net Solutions to create an automation tool for their payroll system.

The problem? Clients had different outputs they found cumbersome to import and upload into the ADP systems, and the ADP team wanted a tool that would pre-process the data and make it consumable for the payroll system.

The solution: Net Solutions created an automation tool capable of the following:

  • Processing a variety of inputs
  • Speeding up payroll data integration
  • Reducing errors

ADP customers saw tremendous value in the new tool, and the ADP team appreciated Net Solutions’ efforts to increase customer satisfaction.

An Ongoing Relationship

An Ongoing Relationship

ADP is known around the world as a leader in human resources and payroll management, and to this day they rely on Net Solutions to extend their tech team’s capabilities.

Having found a partner that understands their products and has mastered their processes, ADP continues to assign projects to Net Solutions developers—trusting they’ll complete the work efficiently and flawlessly, at an affordable price.

Net solutions gave us much needed UX expertise backed with technology and development skills to overhaul our employee management software.

Jasvinder Parmar

Jasvinder Parmar

Vice President of Development, ADP


Celergo hired Net Solutions to augment their software development and maintenance capabilities. ADP acquired this leading payroll solution, and over the years, Net Solutions has helped Celergo and ADP:

  • Expand their cloud-based payroll platform’s capabilities to serve end-users better
  • Upgrade the CRM platform tied to their products
  • Overhaul the UX for their core client-facing modules
  • Create an automation tool for the payroll system to serve clients better

Net Solutions continues to work with ADP today, helping them fulfill their role as a leading provider of HR management and payroll solutions.

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