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Job Description

  • Net Solutions is looking for strong Technical Architects with exposure in any of the technologies such as PHP, Python, .NET and Mobile technologies.
  • As a Technical Architect (TA), you will be responsible for creating scalable, secure and performant distributed architectures for rich, high-end, consumer-facing applications while ensuring that the technology objectives are aligned to the business goals of the systems and programs designed.
  • Create the optimum technical solution in the context of the customer’s environment, requirements, and financial resources.
  • Ensure systems are built meeting the functional requirements and non-functional requirements (performance, security, scalability, maintainability, operational costs).
  • Maximize the productivity of the project team by choosing an effective development environment, establishing programming, design, and other technical standards, training team members, and providing advisory and troubleshooting support.
  • Ensuring that all components of the technical architecture are properly implemented
  • Building architecture review board, which will guide teams in designing well-architected projects and continue to review projects at regular intervals to ensure the architecture principles are adhered to continuously as the project is built incrementally in agile method.
  • Design and participate in organizational initiatives to build and improve organizational competence and memory.
  • Participate in pre-sales activities to demonstrate the technical capabilities of the organization. This might involve answering technical questions as well as building proof-of-concept products.
  • Keep abreast of emerging technologies, tools, procedures and techniques to align with the organisation’s future focus in terms of technology.

Skills & Experience:

  • 10+ years of work experience with at least 3+ years as a Technical Architect.
  • Proven experience in architecting and designing applications, planning, execution, and implementation of high-quality software projects.
  • Expertise in at least one Python framework like Django, Flask, etc.
  • Experience in client relationship management, project coordination, and delivery management in an onsite-offshore model.
  • Proficient in iterative development methodologies like Agile.
  • Rich experience in any of the following Tech Stacks: -
    • PHP: Experience in handling, e-commerce platforms, web development, custom PHP programming such as Laravel, CodeIgniter, Joomla, Drupal, Cake PHP, and Magento etc.
    • Python: Expert in Python, with knowledge of at least one Python web framework such as Flask, Django, etc. ORM (Object Relational Mapper) libraries like SQLAlchemy, event-driven programming, multi-process architecture, server-side templating languages.
    • Mobility: Experience of working on various kind of mobile platforms like J2ME, Android, iPhone, Symbian, Blackberry , Objective-C, C, C++, Java, J2ME , Android programming, Android or iPhone SDK using standard and intermediate API’s (location, compass, video, camera, etc.), I-phone OS and MAC OS, Cocoa, XCode, Interface Builder, iPhone simulator, SQLite., XML and JSON parsers, Web Services, Mobile Browsers, UI and component frameworks.

About Net Solutions:

Net Solutions is a digital product & platforms development company focussed on creating user-centric solutions in the form of web apps, mobile apps, data-driven dashboards, and user experience management tools.

Our global delivery HQ is in Chandigarh, India with a satellite CoE in Pune, India, along with sales offices in the US, UK, and Canada.

Why Net Solutions?

  • Pioneers of digital experience management services in the region.
  • 2022 is our 23rd year in existence - proof that we know how to survive & thrive :-)
  • Close to 500 happy souls at our Chandigarh facility.
  • The average tenure of our staff with Net Solutions is 5+ years - we must be doing something right :-)
  • Beautiful views of the Shivalik range of mountains from our gorgeous campus in IT Park.
  • An inclusive, diverse workplace.
  • Need we say more?


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