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March 21, 2023

Testing after the fact can unearth hard-to-fix bugs and push back release cycles. Could test-first development methodology catch issues before they become too challenging? Let's find out.

The Hot Progress Pie 🥧

Is development testing resource and time intensive for your organization?

Could there be a way to quicken things up without compromising on software quality?

Automated testing is the answer. It helps avoid cumbersome repetitive tasks and shortens development cycles.

If you haven't made automated testing part of your toolkit, here is a 6-point checklist to help you get started.

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The Insights Dango 🍡

I am in the market for new ANC headphones. Thank you, noisy NYC!

Couples squabbling, ambulances wailing, and motorcycles revving have become the soundtrack to my life.

I wish I had 'Hampton money' to get away from all that. One day amigos, one day.

I have already spent 100+ hours switching between Spotify and Apple Music, watching movies, and attending calls in various environments. I keep testing Skullcandy and Beats headphones, Earpods, and AirPods that I own to find my sweet spot in terms of passive and active noise-canceling, comfort, music signature, customization and personalization, battery life, lifestyle compatibility, and customer support service.

And I have burned my eyes over the weekend watching countless YouTube review videos.

Then I had an epiphany. This is what test-driven product development shapes up like.

The key to building successful digital products is vigorous testing.

While consumers are testing and evaluating any product or software before they buy, businesses are testing development to fix issues before releasing software.

In the test-first approach, we develop test cases before writing the code and continually testing code against the test cases throughout the iterative software development process.

But how does the test-driven development methodology work? What are the benefits and drawbacks of the same, and what are some best practices to adopt when using this approach?

Here is everything you need to know

Is Test-driven development the answer?

Thought Leadership Maté 🧉

Test-driven development is principally similar to setting up a uni course structure. First decide the end goal, define how to measure success or failure against that goal, and then lay down the process and modules to learning development..

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