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April 18, 2023

Is there a repeatable framework you can reference for building high-quality, scalable software products? Let's find out the magic behind software architecture.

The Progress Hot Potato 🥔

Sometimes, software development can get a bit more complicated than anticipated.

Technical debt keeps growing, project timelines go haywire, or legacy code becomes unmanageable — all things that can be addressed with a helping hand.

But not any development partner would do.

Selecting the right partner that understands your unique business case and the issues your customers would face can be challenging.

Here is a 50-point toolkit to help you make an informed decision

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The Insights Guac 🥑

The gym has taught me invaluable lessons about incremental growth.

From compound movements, isolation exercises, to drop-sets, and super-sets — there are a lot of variations that can help you grow muscle, strength train, and build endurance.

However, those true to the gym life understand, that these individually, offer limited edge.

Holistic growth comes from well-rounded training programs, that understand the functionality of individual body parts, the relationship between various muscles, and the drawbacks of overtraining a muscle — not only on that muscle in itself, but also on other muscle groups.

Balance is the art of growth.

Imagine a training program that only focuses on pectoral muscles. Or one that only builds trapezius muscle. How imbalanced, non-functional that body would be.

Every time I lead a project, I focus on the individual and the inter-connected role each component will play in the functionality of the software.

Nothing better explains a software architecture. But what exactly is that? We answer that here.

What is Software Architecture?

Thought Leadership Espresso ☕️

What nutrition and balanced diet is to an exercise regimen, software architecture is to software security, longevity, reliability, and scalability.

Focus on it, and you will have a repeatable framework to building quality, robust software.

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