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May 23, 2023

Can you inject better performance, easier scalability, and improved flexibility in your app development efforts? Let's find out how.

The Hot Progress Chilli 🌶️

Monolith Architecture, on the one hand, are simple to develop and test, but on the other hand, they become large, complex, and difficult to scale or change.

Microservices Architecture, in contrast, allow for the adaptation to new technologies, better scaling, and better performance.

So which one is right for your enterprise in 2023? Our helpful comparison guide can help you understand which one you need.

Which Architecture is right for me?

The Insights Pizza 🍕

I get it. You are busy.

I am busy. We all are busy. We all have lots of work, and countless responsibilities.

Managing a stack of tasks, endless meetings, to constantly upskilling and retraining, something or the other always keeps us occupied.

Yet, we take out time for the things that matter.

Catching up on our morning run, bicycling around NYC, playing with our pup, spending time with our children.

1 hour. 60 minutes. 30 minutes. There’s always a non-negotiable minimum for the things that matter to us.

It doesn’t have to be grand. It doesn't have to be an elaborate plan. It just has to be.

And at the end of the day, you are more fulfilled.

Operationally independent moments of our day, come together to make that day a success.

It is this simple analogy I can think of when describing microservices.

A microservice is a small, lightweight, and isolated service that works independently to perform a single function within an application.

Like individual sheets forming a notebook. Or individual images constituting a photo album.

So what are microservices? How does a Microservices Architecture work? And how can it benefit your organization? Learn more in our blog.

What are microservices?

Thought Leadership Pancakes 🥞

Microservices Architecture is the undisputed answer if businesses want better interoperability, better performance, easier scalability, and improved flexibility. The real winner in the adoption of microservices? The customer that businesses better serve as a consequence.

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