App Modernization

June 14, 2023

Riddle me this:

When everything is the same, yet everything is different. One small change is made, but no other, resulting in better performance and scalability, reduced costs, and hosts of other business benefits.

What am I?

The Insights Tea 🫖

Sometime back, I had watched the BBC series 'Sherlock'.

And like in the series, I had wanted to be escorted in a private car straight to the aircraft hangar.

I got to cross that off my bucket list today. Well, sort of.

I traveled to visit my sister, and the boarding, I felt, was rather interesting.

After the security check, I went to the boarding gate, but the area was rather deserted, which instantly made me anxious! There was only the Airline staff, chatting.

I asked them about my flight, and they mentioned that the boarding had been shifted to Gate 3.

I had completely missed the announcement, stupid Active Noise Cancellation(ANC)!

I rushed to the gate, and the passengers were being asked to hop-on the shuttle that would take us to the aircraft.

But why not have the plane right at the gate? Why take us to the aircraft, instead of the other way round? I suspect it was due to the scheduled order of the take-offs.

No waiting in the wings, no communication gaps, no take-off delay. As soon as the passengers were boarded, the in-flight safety announcements rolled out, the pilot was preparing for take-off.

And I'd be remiss to not extrapolate that notion to Replatforming.

Same passengers, same aircraft, same crew. Just a different boarding gate. The benefit? Faster take-off, no unnecessary delays, and great service.

Replatforming is the movement of digital infrastructure (servers, databases, applications, websites, etc.) from one platform to another to achieve better performance and scalability, reduce cost, or unlock other business benefits.

It is one of seven approaches to application modernization strategy, offering a mid-way between completely rebuilding an app or making almost no changes.

But how does it work? And when do you know you should re-platform? Are there any mistakes to beware of? My colleague Akash Lomas answers the most pressing concerns in ourinsightful blog

What is replatforming?

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