Product Development

March 14, 2023

Product development does not get any easier with experience. You stumble, you learn, you iterate. So what are some lessons we have learned over 23 years? Here are the critical takeaways that you can learn from.

The Hot Progress Sake 🍶

For forward-thinking businesses to thrive today, delivering transformative digital experiences is absolutely vital.

Outsourcing can provide you with the right people, skills, and support to turn your idea into reality.

But how do you choose the right development partner for your needs? What are the core capabilities to focus on?

Our free guide to outsourced Product Development can help you make an informed decision.

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The Insights Takeaway 🥡

I used to be overweight. Don't ask my mom for pictures!

While my strength and sleep quality improved after joining the gym, it was still challenging to lose fat. Then my progress became stagnant.

I tried everything.

From peaches of Georgia to Kale smoothies of LA — from biking around NYC to sprinting on the treadmill, it was all in vain.

Until I gave up sugar.

I saw significant improvement in my fitness efforts after that. I was able to shed the excess pounds, and also gain some muscle.

I realized that while it is important to put in the work, have the right processes, and pick up new habits, it is equally important to let go of the previous ones. In sum, both sides of the coin make up the lessons.

The same goes for Product Development.

With a 23-year track record of building bespoke products, refining our processes, and learning from our failures, we have a winning strategy that helps us better serve our clients.

So, what have 183,690 hours of Product Development taught us?

Here are actionable insights from our journey for you to absorb, map, and deploy to get a competitive edge.

What can 183,690 hours teach me?

Thought Leadership Bagel 🥯

Growth is as much about learning from past mistakes, understanding which answers were not the answers, as it is about asking the questions that take you back to the drawing board.

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