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March 07, 2023

Is personalization the Swiss army knife to build trust, deliver enhanced customer value, and boost repeat purchases? How can an org make the most of it? Let's find out.

The Hot Progress Champagne 🥂

User Experience is an empowering differentiator that can help organizations better serve customers and increase their digital revenue.

If your touchpoint in focus is mobile, you cannot get a leg up your competition with poor UXD.

Is your mobile UX implementation airtight? Are you losing potential customers to broken interactions?

Here are 7 mobile UX strategies that will help you win your customers over.

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The Insights Sushi 🍣

My friend is getting married! 🎉

Last weekend, I was attending his wedding in San Antonio, and it was spectacular. I must commend the project management and event planning skills that made everything a success.

What stuck with me was the attention to detail and extensive customization at each and every table. Having arrived at the venue early, I had the opportunity to observe the guests being pleasantly surprised with the 'personalized' activities to ensure everyone feels included and welcomed.

All the laughter, all the smiles, and individuals breaking into a dance on a whim made it evident that everyone had a merry time. Facebook was filled with people recalling the extra care the couple took to make everyone participate and feel at home.

Personalization, done right, can be instrumental in making things memorable. Businesses should take note.

A customer-first approach is critical to deliver superior experiences, win the customer's trust, generate leads, and boosts conversions. Personalization can be a powerful tool to make it all happen.

But what is personalization? And what role does it play in delivering superior user experiences? Let's take a look at importance, use cases and best practices of personalization that you can implement.

Am I doing Personalization right?

Thought Leadership Croissant 🥐

Knowing your customer is only one piece of the puzzle, but to guide them, help them through their unique hurdle, and be their friend? That is a strategically vital capability. Personalization unlocks that.

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