May 16, 2023

Technology all around us creates immense value with each year. So what does 2023 have in store for us? Let's find out.

The Hot Progress Champagne 🥂

There is no ceiling to the value technology around us can create. But a lot rests on coming up with the right idea to work on.

A novel solution, without any market need, is bound to be nothing more than a cash drain.

So how do you ensure your new app idea has potential to get you returns on your investment? Our guide to new app ideas can help.

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The Industry Takeaway 🥡

With each passing day, tech performs miracles in making the world a better place.

From bringing closer the global community with social networks, enhancing memorable experiences with Augmented and Virtual Reality, to Web 3.0 and generative Artificial Intelligence(AI), there is a lot of value created by the technology that surrounds us.

And there has been no time to stop and stare into oblivion.

2023 is no different.

I/O, the annual developer conference held by Google, had a lot for us to unpack.

Google launched a refreshed Search experience that will leverage generative AI to answer search queries. With “Help me write”, Google is taking a step further with generative AI. Help me write will start rolling out with workspace updates and help compose well-articulated emails.

Google is also incorporating AI in their mobile operating systems, unlocking even more customization and personalization opportunities.

The company also pulled back the curtain on their new language model, PaLM 2 — which boasts improved reasoning and mathematical capabilities. A win for the developers, the new language model is also adept at generating programming code in Python and JavaScript.

And Google Maps got even better! With immersive view introduced to routes, you will now get a high-fidelity digital model so you can experience your trip even before it begins.

Exciting times ahead, indeed!

Thought Leadership Pretzel 🥨

Competition, especially in the realm of innovation, is a win-win for customers and industries as a whole. In the face of a new standard, it does not matter who was the first-mover and who was the laggard.

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