Digital Transformation

January 24, 2023

Digital Transformation offers loads of benefits for businesses. But how do you understand that you are doing it right? And how do you measure your previous step to build on it? Let's dive into it together.

The Hot Progress Potato πŸ₯”

Digital Transformation has no shortcut β€” and getting it right is a resource, time-insensitive undertaking.

Ensuring digital transformation success requires setting up the right platforms, operational agility, cultural and leadership initiatives and stellar customer experiences.

How do your efforts fare across these parameters? Access our 15-point Digital Transformation checklist here.

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The Insights Guac πŸ₯‘

Celebrating Diwali in India is an unparalleled experience.

But all the lights and diyas do not make up the entirety of the festivities β€” although mostly celebrated as a 2-day event, the preparation takes weeks on-end.

One thing I have been curious seeing unfold before my eyes was the extensive use of Unified Payments Interface(UPI).

When I was flying to India, I had been told India is a cash-first economy, and that is true β€” cash is still the primary mode of payment, but everywhere I went, including the remote areas of the Himalayas, people would whip out their phones to make even the smallest payments. The convenience of carrying nothing but your phone to make any and every money transfer, make a payment, pay bills has made digital-first initiatives, without a learning curve, an easy adoption.

This digital technology processed 8 billion transactions in December 2022 β€” but why would that even matter? Or think about remotely operated robots in Japan that greet, take orders and deliver food to customers β€” employing people with disabilities and unlocking new work-from-home opportunities. The use of smarter software platforms, data gathering and processing, and complex hardware to piece it all together β€” is the effort worth it?

How does one measure that?

Let’s go over how you can measure the ROI of digital transformation and if it would be worth it for you.

Am I doing Digital Transformation right?

Thought Leadership Bagel πŸ₯―

Strategy and implementation are important pieces of any puzzle, but without measuring the impact of previous steps, one does not know how high they jumped, how hard they hit.

But don't fall into the trap of vanity metrics β€” instead measure your impact by keeping track of metrics that maximize returns, and build on top of that.

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