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January 31, 2023

CX and UX differ by nature and scope. But many businesses mistake them as one. Here's how they differ.

The Progress Hot Tea 🫖

Customer Experience (CX) is not something that only large enterprises have to worry about. Small businesses should also deliver exceptional Customer Experiences to gain a competitive advantage, help customers make informed decisions, and bring in repeat purchases.

But beyond the buzzword, what does CX encompass, and why is it the key to your digital strategy?

Here is everything you ever wanted to know about CX.

Yes! I want to understand CX better

The Insights Taco 🌮

I find typing to be a hard task. Especially when using laptop stands.

So presently, I am thinking of buying a mechanical keyboard and setting it up with the Dvorak layout.

The Dvorak keyboard promises an easier and faster typing experience by bringing closer the most commonly used keys in the English language.

Although a laptop/desktop concern, QWERTY layout on mobile seems to be an amazing edition.

I remember back when we had to press keys several times to get to certain letters of the alphabet — and to wait for the input to be processed. Imagine not having swift typing, the ability to glide across the keyboard to type words in the digital-first era.

Why do I feel the QWERTY is a great addition to the mobile typing experience, but I bash it when on my laptop?

Learning the new layout will prove challenging, and though the learning curve will eventually pave the way to higher productivity, when I need to reply quickly, in fewer words, getting myself lost in a learning curve does not seem to be worth it.

It all comes down to the user experience of the task at hand. And it comes down to the customer experience of having hardware that can support it all.

Am I ready for such a drastic shift? If the Dvorak layout gets popular today, is the market ready for it?

These are crucial consideration that you need to keep in mind when introducing a new product in the market. And at the core of it all, has to be the Customer and User Experience of the product.

But what is this corporate speak? Aren't these two terms the same? What are the differences?

Let’s understand the differences between Customer Experience(CX) and User Experience(UX) to gain a competitive advantage.

Show me the differences

Thought Leadership Boba 🧋

CX and UX are not two diverging paths that assist users and customers seperately.

Both work hand in hand — and if the person is in their user journey, they will care about the user experience and the customer experience — and if the person is in their customer journey, they will care about the user experience as well as the customer experience.

Don't discount one for the other for varying touchpoints.

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