June 06, 2023

Can you inject better performance, easier scalability, and improved flexibility in your app development efforts? Let's find out how.

The Hot Progress Wine 🍷

An MVP can help rapidly test ideas and achieve product-market fit. What happens when you leverage it to serve a two-sided market?

Lauren Steenholdt and her brother Blair noticed a significant gap in the food delivery market: the aggregator platforms did not work as well for local restaurants— delivering a poor experience for business owners to their customers.

Net Solutions began by working with Lauren and Blair to build out the scope for their MVP.

Deep personalization combined with robust search features and seamless payment options made the MVP a success in London and beyond.

So how did Scoff fare in the big leagues? Read our case study and find out how Net Solutions brings innovative ideas to life.

Building a successful MVP to serve a two-sided market

The Insights Honeypot 🍯

Moving sucks. The post-moving planning is worse.

I recently moved to a new apartment, close to my mom's.

Deadlifting boxes onto a U-haul sure is fun, and setting up an apartment from cardboard boxes easy, but not knowing what I don't know makes me feel helpless.

I planned to buy more utensils and cookware, with a steel resolve to rely less on DoorDash.

And that is when my troubles started.

I bought a skillet, a saucepan, and a wok, but forgot add-on essentials like the whisk, meat tenderizers, strainers, and a baking sheet.

I wanted to make Spaghetti, chicken and white sauce was available, but in my last grocery run I had forgotten to pick up veggies and seasonings.

The gaps in planning cast a dark cloud on the enthusiasm of moving to a new place, but taught me a valuable lesson on the importance of planning ahead, and how the scope of a project can be underestimated.

Building successful digital products warrants testing them first, and building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a great way to collect the right feedback and adapt to changing market needs accordingly.

However, it is easy to go beyond the scope of the initially defined MVP, resulting in increased project costs, dilution of core focus, and delayed project timelines.

To understand scope creep, better manage it, and separate the myths from realities, the marketing team at Net Solutions has a handy guide on the subject. Being a subscriber, you can access it here to help your MVP development stay on track.

How do you control MVP Scope Creep?

Thought Leadership Croissant 🥐

With every step, every minute, a pedometer will highlight your progress and show how far you have come along. But in the grand scheme of things, a minute of walking shows no progress. MVP development walks in agreement.

When building your MVP, take the first step, and then another, and if it is not the right direction, pivot. Then walk some more. Do it by the minute.

Quartermaster at work


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