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April 11, 2023

An MVP is not a miniature digital product. The aims and objectives of building one are to get public buy-in for your product. To maximize results, prioritize features that return the actionable insights for a way forward. Let's find out how.

The Hot Progress Champagne 🥂

Building successful digital products comes with development and business risks, high costs, and scalability challenges. To mitigate and minimize these risks, businesses turn to building a Minimum Viable Product(MVP).

An MVP helps an org establish product-market fit, collect the right feedback, and rapidly adapt to market changes. But asking the wrong questions will only result in wrong answers.

What if there are gaps in your MVP development approach? Our 19-Point MVP checklist is a helpful guide you can refer to as you progress through your MVP journey.

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The Insights Carbonara 🍝

I am thankful for the digital age.

I would not want to rock my plaids where I don't sit across from the screen — be it in the office or at a Starbucks.

Imagine the tech leaders of tomorrow sitting down in a retro office, visiting Staples for bulk orders, convening around a copier, or working with faxes.

Not that anything is wrong with that, but digital is just more convenient.

Or imagine! Tech leaders of tomorrow working at their desks, hidden behind a pile of paper.

Place yourself in this situation — You are working on a project, and there are 2 piles stacked at your desk. A coworker comes to add another pile of sheets to be sorted and sifted through. You'll be enraged.

Those sheets may be important, but are not required right now. They don't need to clutter away your physical or headspace.

Now place yourself in your users' shoes. Imagine your users trying to navigate through your digital product, and they end up getting bombarded with countless features and user flow complexity.

You would not like that — nor do your users.

It is not minimum. It is not viable.

What is the way out? Prioritizing features for your MVP. Here's how you would do that.

How should I prioritize features for my MVP?

Thought Leadership Espresso ☕️

While it aims to help an organization build a feature-packed digital product, an MVP should not be a carbon copy of it. It should try to answer the fundamental queries that prompted the organization to build a digital product in the first place.

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