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Women’s Day is Here. And We’re Here to Know #WhatsYourStory

While the 20th century has given a boost to women empowerment with rights such as suffrage and days like International Women’s Day, terms like liberty and women empowerment mean different things to different women, in fact, different things to different people. Today, having recognized this day for more than a century, we see the 21st-century women taking the center stage in spaces which seemed to be owned by men in the yesteryears.

Net Solutions, being an organization that follows and recommends a culture of inclusivity, not only emphasizes on giving women the place they rightly deserve but also makes efforts to empower them and appreciate them.

Today was one such day — an opportunity to appreciate, derive inspiration from, and inspire the women at Net Solutions; a day when we shared our stories, opened our hearts out, and let our hair down. As we honored our #Sheroes last year, this time around, we were all ears with our #WhatsYourStory.

Women's Day Net Solutions

We believe in “well-begun is half the battle won”. So we started on a light note, giving all our women colleagues the time to let their hair down, and shake a leg. We found quite a few dancers there, we didn’t know we had. But the reason behind this celebration was more than just giving our female colleagues some time to let the steam off.

We wanted to hear their stories; if they were inspired by someone; if they had inspiring stories of their own. So, we heard them.


Priya Sareen


Priya is a mother of two, and a superwoman at that. While Priya works full-time with us, she magically manages a family, wherein her husband is placed remotely. From cracking deals to being an active part of the cultural side of Net solutions, from PTMs to her children’s grades, she manages everything like clockwork. It does become overwhelming at times, but Priya is our girl, taking every challenge in her stride.

We feel you, Priya! And we wish we could have super powers like you.

Asha Rajput


Asha is one of those faces which you can’t avoid smiling at. Shy by nature, Asha is a sweetheart. And this very shyness was once her nemesis. Hailing from Mumbai, the city of dreams, Asha joined us as coy as it gets. But, she worked towards getting better at her fears; towards being herself in front of people; even surprising us with a dance performance at our Foundation Day last year. Now, Asha is herself, and we love the way she is.

Kudos to Asha! Being one’s own self is a mantra we want to follow.

Anupreet Kaur


Anupreet is an awe-inspiring woman in the making; a fighter for sure. Having been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome 5 years ago. But, she was not going to go with medication that had no concrete and lasting results. So, she took resort to research, studying, analyzing and learning. The result — she devised her own diet. And 5 years later, she is PCOS-free. And, that is not all. She is a certified dietician, helping more women like her fight PCOS. That’s an empowered woman, empowering women.

Atta girl, Anupreet! We’re proud of you.

Well, that was a session that brought smiles and tears all at the same time. But that’s not what this entire dialectic of Women’s Day is about. Is it?

So, what is it about? Women Empowerment? But, how do these different women, who come from the length and breadth of the nation; from different family backgrounds; from different communities construe women empowerment? Because when we know that, we achieve and enable empowerment better.

Well, what’s better than their own words to describe it.

What does Women Empowerment Mean to Me?

“It means encouraging women to live their life their way. Letting her do what makes her happy and giving her freedom and liberty” - Amrit

“Well, I personally feel that they don't need to be empowered, they are already the most empowered. They are the ones who are running the world, like literally. By being empowered, we don't mean to put men at the back foot. It’s just being an equal contributor in each sense. Behind every empowered woman, it’s her mom or dad or both who trusted her more than anyone else” - Aman Kaur

“For me, women empowerment is being able to create a work-life balance. It’s like, one day, I receive client appreciation at work, and on the same day, my daughter gets excellent performance in her class activity, which I help her with. That’s empowerment to me.” - Surabhi Shukla

“To me, Women Empowerment is to treat all of the sexes as equal. Once this happens, then there won't be any need to ask what women empowerment is.” - Anuradha Kapoor

“We really feel good to be independent. I feel proud to be a part of a family where my decisions matter. By being financially independent, I am not only able to support my family but also my parents, which is, an achievement for me.” - Honey Bhutani

And, since we’re inclusive, we also heard out what men think of it.

“Life is incomplete without them. They are an important part of our life cycle as life begins with them. Men exist because of women!” - Amit Manchanda

“Women are born empowered. For me, a woman is born empowered, raised empowered, and die empowered. I am proud to be surrounded by women who motivate me always - my mom, my wife, and my sister!” - Brahmpreet Singh

“Largely, I think women are able to stand on the same footing with men, especially with all the encouragement and initiatives that they have been getting from different support systems, be it the government, be it the various channels and the NGOs, or even the leaders out there, both in the government and the public sector. So, the focus out there is in enabling women to become more competitive. That is what I see in times to come!” - Sarbrinder Singh

“Loving yourself! Accepting yourself! Trusting yourself! Valuing yourself! Expressing yourself!” - Gaurav Bakshi

A Special Thanks to Some Special Women (and Men) for their Efforts

An organization is only as good as its employees. And it’s the HR team that ensures that everyone stays well and motivated. This time too, our HR team, headed by one superwoman herself, Ritu Tandon Sofi, made it possible. And one big thanks to Aditi, the COO, the woman who runs the show from behind the curtain.

We’re looking forward to more days like these. In fact, to a day, when every day is a Women’s Day.

Happy Women’s Day!

P.S. We want to hear your stories. Use the #whatsyourstory in your comments and do inspire us.

Women's Day Net Solutions
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