COVID-19:FREE App Development for Govt. & Health Agencies

COVID-19: FREE App Design, Development and Project Management for Government & Healthcare Agencies Worldwide

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A lot has been written about COVID-19 and we have reached the point of ad nauseam with the “We are there for you during COVID-19” speeches.

However, let’s not forget all the frontline folks – the first responders, healthcare professionals, sanitation teams, and food and essential items delivery personnel who have not had a work-from-home option during the worldwide lockdown and are helping with the COVID-19 relief efforts.

In that spirit, this open letter aims to reach out to all relief-providing agencies worldwide – government, semi-government, healthcare, and essential services maintenance teams that are helping with COVID-19 relief efforts – to say:

  1. THANK YOU, and
  2. Net Solutions is offering FREE software development services in the form of mobile apps, web apps, databases, etc. for such qualified agencies to develop web/mobile-based projects that directly aid the COVID-19 relief efforts.

This free support includes Design, Development and project management.

This is our small way of saying Thank You for being there for us.

To get started – just drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll dispatch the request to make sure you are helped right away.

Net Solutions has global offices in the US, Canada, UK, and India.

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