COVID-19: FREE App Design, Development and Project Management for Government & Healthcare Agencies Worldwide

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A lot has been written about COVID-19 and we have reached the point of ad nauseam with the “We are there for you during COVID-19” speeches.

However, let’s not forget all the frontline folks – the first responders, healthcare professionals, sanitation teams, and food and essential items delivery personnel who have not had a work-from-home option during the worldwide lockdown and are helping with the COVID-19 relief efforts.

In that spirit, this open letter aims to reach out to all relief-providing agencies worldwide – government, semi-government, healthcare, and essential services maintenance teams that are helping with COVID-19 relief efforts – to say:

  1. THANK YOU, and
  2. Net Solutions is offering FREE software development services in the form of mobile apps, web apps, databases, etc. for such qualified agencies to develop web/mobile-based projects that directly aid the COVID-19 relief efforts.

This free support includes Design, Development and project management.

This is our small way of saying Thank You for being there for us.

To get started – just drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll dispatch the request to make sure you are helped right away.

Net Solutions has global offices in the US, Canada, UK, and India.

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Abhi Garg

About the Author

Abhi Garg is the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) at Net Solutions. Uniquely placed at the intersection of Product Development, Engineering, Innovation, and Sales and Marketing initiatives, the prospect of solving complex problems by leveraging technology motivates and excites him. He draws inspiration from the rewarding experience that follows while going through the trenches in an attempt to bring positive change in the lives of individuals and efficiency in business processes.

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