Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle through Genuine Human Connections

Venamor Inc. is a healthy-lifestyle facilitation company that promotes people, places, initiatives, activities, and ideas that make the world a better place. It employs the use of media and social networking tools, games, and related products, to develop creative solutions to human problems.

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The Problem

Venamor Inc. approached Net Solutions, to develop a hassle-free mobile social networking app, to promote a socially happy and healthy lifestyle by encouraging users to attend group events of their interests.

Venamor Inc. wanted an app to serve as a unique way of bridging the divide among people with similar interests. Their goal was to create a social platform for people to find others through common activities and hobbies.

There were already other similar social networking platforms on the market to find events geographically close to a user, but Venamor Inc. wanted to devise a unique algorithm that could make it possible for users to find events around them based on their interests, location and availability, a service that no other app was providing. They envisioned an app that provided refined results to users based on their profile, and save them the extra work.

The Solution


The app was developed using Agile Scrum methodology, where we prioritized the most important features of the app, and discussed reiterations with the client for enhancing its overall experience.


The app was developed in Xamarin using Portable Class Libraries and its backend was developed in Python using the Model-View-Controller architecture. The app login is verified through an OTP sent to the user's mobile number, and the password is encrypted, and cannot even be viewed by the admin.

Unique Features

The client needed a solution with unique features and we developed it in an equally unique way.

Similar Interests: We enabled the app to automatically create groups using the user's location and interests. Every interest selected by the user is created as an individual group, e.g. if a user selects ballroom dancing as an interest, then they will be shown a group named ballroom. dancing, and the number of people with the same interest. The user can click on the group and view the people in it. A user can edit the group details and even add a cover image.

Recommended Events: The app recommends events based on the criteria described by the client, i.e. user's interests and location.

Free Time Events: This feature further refines results for users. It requires a user to enter the time duration when they will be free to attend events, and types of events they would like to attend; the app will show the events falling within the time period entered.

Create Events: The client not only wanted people to attend events, but also to enable them to create their own events, by entering the date and time details along with the event's activities. This feature allows users to create events with information on the venue, time, date, city and event name, the app then shows them a list of similar-interests groups that could be invited by the user. There is an option for setting the limit of RSVPs and the closing date.

Smart Group Suggestions: This is the most distinctive feature of the app that sets it apart from the competition. Smart groups are groups of people the app thinks you'd get along with. Using a unique algorithm, the app analyzes a user's location, interests, and other unique features, to determine who should be in their smart groups. Based on the user's current location, the algorithm generates user suggestions who have at least 60% similar interests, and have attended at least 5 events of the same interests.

Statistics: This feature empowers the admin to view the statistics related to top trending: locations, events during a particular time period for unique, as well as all locations, common interests popular among members, customer activity during a particular time period, and much more.

The Solution

The Result

Good Initial Response

Our client was happy with how the app, named as The Veib, received an enthusiastic response from users. The app is expected to become a huge hit because more and more users are finding the Smart Group Suggestions feature to be an interesting new way of networking. The unique algorithm used for this feature has made it easier for the users to find people who want to do the same things as them.


Setting up a Xamarin cross platform solution allowed the mobile app to target both iOS and Android platforms at a significantly reduced cost.

Faster Time to Market

Developing the backend of the mobile app in Python and using Model-View-Controller architecture along with Agile development, reduced the project timelines considerably.

The Result
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