A Mobile App that Connects Healthcare Professionals Globally

The On Call Room (OCR) is the brainchild of Dr. Sandeep Bansal, a doctor-turned- healthcare entrepreneur. Dr. Bansal wanted to introduce a unique product combining social care and healthcare technology. He approached Net Solutions with an initial idea, and our team not only collaborated with him to build an initial MVP, but also to help him launch a finished product.

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The Problem

Dr. Sandeep Bansal had a vision to build a platform where healthcare professionals can connect, network, and share notes amongst themselves, on the latest trends in the healthcare sector.

At a high level, the idea was to create a mobile social networking app for healthcare professionals.

The Challenges

Security of Users' Information

Based on the user types (admin and registered users), all members who log into the app have to provide login credentials. Therefore, the security of user info was a critical challenge in the project; it is also very important that the information shared will not to be used by other sources.

Strong Backend to Handle Future Updates

Maintaining the database of the 'Beats' section of the application was challenging, since content would be uploaded into it continuously. Moreover, with the increasing user base, the backend would need to be more organized to handle the traffic.

Providing Rich User Experience to the Audience

Since this was meant to be a one-of-a-kind social media app targeting the healthcare sector, our first challenge was to understand the target audience and create a rich user experience. This would help us understand what changes to introduce in the future versions of the app that wouldn't affect the follower base.

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The Solution

Encoding the Data from Mobile to Backend

Encoding of data was implemented while being transferred from mobile to the backend, and further to HTTPS. Thus, the information shared at any stage stays safe.

Applying Database Optimization to Manage the Backend

The scope was huge and so was the backend management requirements. Due to this, indexing was carried out as part of an app optimization technique, and then database optimization ensured that the backend stayed sturdy.

Carrying out Surveys, Storyboarding, and Prototyping to Ensure Great UX

We initiated stakeholder interviews as part of user research; after that, the target audience of the application was identified, and research was carried out among users between the ages of 18-65. The next steps were storyboarding, followed by user testing. A test flight was sent to more than 70 users from a medical background, who provided feedback on the prototype. After the modifications, based on the feedback from regression testing, an MVP was launched.

The Result

The application has been successfully launched on both iTunes and Android's Google Play Store.

  • The latest updates from the healthcare community along with the advantage of sharing photos, videos, PPTs, PDFs, Excel, and more in the same professional circle.
  • Notifications for following, upbeat or downbeat your beat, and comments on posts.
  • Filtering through content that interest users or those shared by colleagues they follow.
  • Safely and securely sharing content with a consent form – a copy of which is sent to the user and the patient, which is kept on record.
The Result
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