About Us

Nualight is a LED lighting company for retail, which focuses especially on food retail.


Nualight is a LED lighting company for retail, which focuses especially on food retail. It helps create sustainable and profitable food retail businesses through the innovation that it brings to the leading retail chains of the world. It was launched as a pure play LED company in 2005, but has been recognized as one of the leading innovators worldwide in LED case lighting as it has continued to grow. In North America and Europe, some of the leading food retail chains are among its customers and it has delivered many LED lighting programs for refrigerated cases for them. It is also delivering LED lighting solutions for center store to warehousing and car parking, among a number of other application areas in retail operations.

Nualight has its headquarters in Ireland, high-volume manufacturing in Poland and light planning and design innovation centers in the Netherlands. It now also has partners in emerging markets and provides LED lighting to retail chains in Asia and Australia as well.


The Problem

Nualight's website was old and did not have a user friendly design. It was a content management system (CMS) based website with following needs:

  • Nualight wanted a new product section on the website, which would function without a page refresh and would be re-structured in terms of their technology, applicability and categorization.
  • Nualight also wanted some new features included in the new site, including one for case studies depicting some of the best work they had done. The case study section was to be properly aligned with the image gallery.
  • The old site was compatible with the Kentico CMS version 5.5 and for the new website Kentico 7.0 were to be implemented.
  • Nualight wanted to handle both content and products using Kentico CMS.

The Solution

  • Kentico's Multilingual Localization

    Using Kentico's multilingual localization feature, it was possible to implement content in various languages (French, German and Turkish as well as U.S. and U.K. English).

  • Ajax

    An AJAX-based product section was built for the new website and it met all specifications.

  • High-res Images

    The new website designed by Net Solutions includes very high resolution images which do not pixelate when the website is zoomed on any of the browsers or devices.

The Result

  • Implementation of Multilingual

    With the implementation of multilingual functionality, the reach of the website is expected to increase to more number of users consuming the content in various languages.

  • Better UI/UX

    The new website provides a better user interface and user experience than the previous version. There is a more structured way to view the products available on the website now.

  • Search and Sorting Mechanism

    With the improved search and sorting mechanism implemented, it has become very easy for users now to search and sort products.

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