Nualight is an international LED lighting company headquartered in Cork, Ireland, whose investors include Adaxia Capital Partners and ESB Novusmodus. For the past 15 years, the company has created and sold high-performance, sustainable lighting solutions to leading grocery stores and food chains across Europe and North America.

Over the years, Nualight has carved out a competitive niche within a powerful industry. In 2020, the LED lighting industry as a whole was valued at $57.5 billion USD, and industry experts expect it to grow to nearly three times that value by 2027. Nualight has remained a key player by continually innovating, both on the product as well as the marketing side of their business.

As Nualight started to expand their footprint across mainland Europe, the company’s leadership realized their website needed an upgrade to better convey their products’ features and benefits across different countries. The proposed changes meant revising not only the website’s content, but overhauling the structure of the website itself. The proposed website would include the following features.

New Product Section: Nualight’s new product section would function with a page refresh. The new page would structure and display products so as to highlight their technology and categorization.

Case Studies Section: Nualight wanted to feature customer success stories to demonstrate social proof to prospective clients and drive new business.

Multilingual Support: The new website needed to provide content in a range of languages to support its European expansion.

The case study section had to be properly aligned with the website’s image gallery, and Nualight needed to run the new website on Kentico 7.0 (rather than Kentico 5.5, which it was running at the time). Kentico is an Content Management System (CMS) commonly used for online stores.

In short, Nualight wanted to handle both content and products using the Kentico CMS, and this required a significant overhaul.

Finding the Right Partners & Building the New Website

Finding the Right Partners &
Building the New Website

In their search for a talented development partner, the Nualight team interviewed quite a few Ketico specialists. Impressed with Net Solutions’ vast experience and their Kentico developers’ skills, Nualight awarded the contract to Net Solutions to build their new Content Management System.

Nualight’s brand managers worked with Net Solutions’ designers to create a website that reflected their brand and extended its look and feel across the entire website.

Net Solutions upgraded the Nualight website from Kentico 5.5 to Kentico 7 CMS, but there was no direct upgrade path available to the developers.

The new designs included the following features:

AJAX-powered Product Section: The product section showcased Nualight products in different categories, such as technology, applicability, etc.

Case Studies Section: The case studies section featured customer success stories from a range of clients.

Multilingual Content: The new implementation used Kentico’s multilingual localization feature to provide language-specific content in multiple languages.

SEO Optimization: Net Solutions designed the new website to rank well on Google, with multiple enhancements designed to favor Google’s algorithm.

Successful Launch & Subsequent Improvements

Pleased with the new website, Nualight launched with confidence, and staff found the CMS intuitive and easy to use. The website was well-received, and Nualight hired Net Solutions to further enhance its cross-browser compatibility.

Impressed with Net Solutions’ innovative approach and attention-to-detail, Nualight continued to work with Net Solutions—relying on their new tech partners to provide maintenance and continuous feature enhancement in the years that followed.

Successful Launch & Subsequent Improvements


Nualight engaged Net Solutions to completely overhaul their existing website rooted in the Kentico Content Management System (CMS).

The new website featured:

  • A new production section that functioned with a page refresh to structure and display products in a way that highlights their technology, applicability, and categorization.
  • A case studies section to feature customer success stories and establish social proof
  • Multilingual support to reach new markets across Europe

Following a successful launch of the SEO-optimized website, Nualight continued to work with Net Solutions to enhance the website and provide maintenance support—a relationship that lasted many years.

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