A Mobility Solution for
Project Management

Manalogy is a mobile solution developed for professionals and enterprises to help them organize their work better. This app eases the stress of maintaining separate records for each project by aggregating them and making them more accessible.

Manalogy empowers managers to communicate with their workforce in a better way. They can assign tasks and organize meetings in real time. The managers neither need to create separate task lists for different teams nor send them to each team individually. They can assign tasks in real time to all teams within one window and check their progress too.

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The Problem

The stakeholders behind Manalogy wanted to devise a digital platform that would improve communication within their business.

They also wanted to streamline their work by enchaining collaboration and cooperation between employees.

The client wanted to provide better task management to accelerate project deliveries. Manalogy enabled employees to improve communication via simpler and faster information exchange.

The Solution

We developed a service that enabled the management to track time used on specific tasks. The service also made it possible to share notes and other content in regard to particular assignments, ensuring that employees are able to work together and communicate more easily.

Process and Engagement Model

Manalogy was developed by a dedicated team using Agile methodology. The client came up with an overview of the organization's workflow, based on their experience ( ten years in the field ) and presented their future vision for development.

Collaboration and Communication

Project collaboration was done using Basecamp. All project communication was done using email, Go ToMeeting, and Skype. To accelerate the development process, the client visited our office to discuss the project in person.

Technology Stack

Manalogy was developed with MVC architecture. Python was used as the programming language, with Django framework. A PostgreSQL was deployed as the database. Mobile development was done on native iOS using Swift programming language.

The Solution

The Result

Streamlined Communication between Project Teams

The mobile app interface ensures effective peer-to-peer communication.

Increased Productivity

Improved communications and collaboration helps accelerate project deliveries. Users were able to access task sheets in both online and offline mode.

Improved Collaboration

The interface allows users to access the task lists within one window and further divide them.

The Result
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