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How Kitco Metals, Inc., an Enterprise in metal trading, developed a mobile app to bring real-time information to its customers

The Problem

With a huge lineup of desktop and mobile apps available on multiple devices and platforms, generating a huge amount of real-time data, Kitco felt a need to develop an intuitive testing strategy to ensure uninterrupted services to their worldwide customers.

Kitco also wanted to develop an app for Android devices to help its users track live precious metal quotes and other critical updates, on the move. There was also some hesitation at Kitco's end to work with an offshore service provider since they had never done outsourcing earlier.

About Kitco Case Study

The Challenge

  • Volume of Real-time Data

    The amount of real-time data generated through all Kitco apps was huge. It posed an immense challenge toward developing the Android app that could deliver uninterrupted performance and sustain heavy data loads.

  • Multi-device, Multi-platform Testing

    Kitco had a wide range of applications based on multiple platforms like BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, Android, Palm, Windows Phone 7 and Windows 7 – all connected through a common database. We had to defy all odds to test various Kitco apps on such diverse platforms.

Solution For Kitco Case Study

The Solution

  • Initial Pilot Phase

    To ensure our testing strategies were aligned with Kitco's business objectives, we carried out an initial pilot phase and kick started high priority testing activities.

  • Manual Testing Approach

    Based on the testing requirements of Kitco, a manual testing approach was followed. Subsequently, test plans and test scenarios were created and successfully executed.

  • Holistic Project Management

    Leading methodologies and tools were used to manage and execute the project. To uphold our quality standards, we used Basecamp for project management, TestLink for test management, Device Anywhere to review mobile applications, and Mantis for online bug reporting.

  • Streamlined Communication

    Considering the scope of the project, a transparent communication mechanism was created, which involved daily status reports, weekly calls between Kitco representatives and testing resources, and quick feedback process.

We're generally happy with the quality of the resulting application. Communication, response time and customer service were very good.

Brian Dix
Brian Dix Kitco Project Manager

The Result

  • Faster Time-to-Market

    The effective resource utilization and round-the-clock coordination between offshore and onsite teams resulted in faster time-to-market of Kitco applications.

  • Higher Customer Satisfaction

    Faster delivery of new features and higher overall software quality increased Kitco's client satisfaction, thereby meeting their revenue growth and customer retention objectives.

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