iPad App and a Magento Store Delivered with Faster Time to Market

Jaypore is an eCommerce startup procuring premium ethnic items created by artists and craftsmen throughout India for sale to customers in the United States.

Jaypore now has an eCommerce website. Previously, they were only interested in running the business via an iPad app. They wanted this app to be powered by an eCommerce store when they approached Net Solutions in 2011.

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The Problem

Jaypore wanted to connect their exclusive customers to local Indian artisans and craftsmen

The idea was to create an iPad app, powered by a reliable eCommerce engine, to deliver a rich storytelling experience. They also wanted the engine to manifest the authenticity and heritage of unique ethnic Indian products.

Also, they wanted the user experience (UX) to be a big differentiator for them, especially, in view of the expanded customer base. The key request was to develop a superior UX.

The Solution

Process and Engagement Model

Jaypore defined their initial requirements and provided the designs.

Our scope was to deliver the iPad app as well as the eCommerce engine which we developed using Magento.

A dedicated team was assigned. This team was divided into two. One-half started developing the backend in Magento to integrate a payment gateway and the other in third-party web services. The other half of the team started developing the iOS app. The project was executed using Agile and Scrum. The CEO of Jaypore, Puneet Chawla, became the product owner.

The client gave us a defined deadline which we delivered well on time.

Collaboration and Communication

Project collaboration was done using Basecamp. The project communication was done using Go ToMeetings and Skype. Coordination between Jaypore and the Net Solutions team was ensured through an Account Manager.

Technology Stack

The Jaypore native app was developed using iOS framework. In order to solve the multiple image browsing issues on the iPad, a multi-threading technique was used for downloading images on different (secondary) threads instead of a primary thread. This helped us reduce the system's response time and prevent images from overlapping. The multi-threading technique backed the entire storytelling concept of the Jaypore app and made the app browsing experience extremely delightful and smooth on iPad devices.

The back-end was built using Magento. In addition to that, some Magento plugins were integrated to improve the performance of the app. Whenever a third-party plugin was not available, we created new plugins. The eCommerce engine was hosted on Amazon Cloud to deliver a non-interruptive service to users.

The Solution

The Result

Developed a Premium eCommerce Experience

Jaypore was able to deliver a premium eCommerce experience. The user experience of Jaypore's app was at par with that of apps like Gap, Etsy, and Warby Parker.

Better ROI and Cost Savings

Since Jaypore was a startup when it approached Net Solutions, cost saving was its top priority. We were able to deliver a world-class product at a very economical cost.

Ensured Timely Launch

We were able to deliver the project within the pre-defined deadlines owing to better project management. This helped Jaypore launch the app well on time.

The Result
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