EMR Decision Support Engine

Compared to the current EMR providers, the technology solution will surpassingly improve efficiency, outcome, and increase reimbursements for doctors and hospitals. The end game is to go on to dominate the $11.1 billion EMR market.

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The Problem

  • To automate and speed up the process of diagnosing a disease.
  • To overcome human errors in the diagnosis of a particular problem.
  • Defining algorithms in a system which can be used in rules to calculate ASCVD score, BMI, etc.

The Challenge

The client wanted to develop a bespoke decision support engine that empowers the healthcare staff to easily and quickly write, change, and test rules that facilitate patient data.

The admin of the platform would let the staff choose what criteria they want to feed into the system without any dependency on the technology team to write a code every time.

The Solution


The client came up with the idea and project brief but did not have the documents in concrete fashion. Many gaps were to be identified and resolved before starting the actual development of the platform.

The product owner team took the baton of ideating the requirements with the client via regular brainstorming sessions and documenting the same. The requirements were then given a visual representation in terms of wireframes, which represented the probable user flow on the platform. We then assigned relative priorities to the features for identifying the Minimum Viable Product and kept the 'could have' features out of the first release which will keep the costs down and value high.


As opposed to current EMR vendors, the system EMR with built-in Decision support engines and unique workflows will enable the following down the road:

  • A doctor will be able to complete a patient visit in a single click (with documentation and orders completed)
  • There is going to be an improved and automated system for communication with patients and information regarding their medical condition.
  • Guaranteed positive reimbursements for ambulatory care physicians in scales of > $10,000 per medicare patient.
  • Improve reimbursements for hospital systems through improved coding, billing, and documentation.
  • Immensely improved efficiency of all health care providers. Super admin adds companies and events.
  • The company admins then manage their events by adding images and presentations to be displayed along with the webcast.
  • Invite members to sign up and view the event live.
  • Record live events to be viewed later.
  • Viewers can ask their queries during the live webcast.
  • Viewers can participate in the online polls conducted by the organizer during the live webcast.


Following were some of the features and functionalities that were covered in the MVP:

  • A patient comes to the platform and provides the information about themselves.
  • Patient will then choose a DSE (Decision Support Engine) like cancer screening, etc.
  • The data is injected into the rules engine which is the heart of the Decision Support Engine.
  • The rules for making decisions are input into the rule engine.
  • The rules can be managed by a medical staff without any dependency on the technology team.
  • The patient would then be able to view the results based on the data they provided and rules that were scanned on their data.
  • The patient will view an auto-generated prescription (no medicine is prescribed) that contains the following-
    • Dietary recommendations
    • Lifestyle & wellness recommendations
    • Recommended tests


Based on the requirements finalized, technology panel deliberated on what would be the best technology stack for the application that would be highly scalable:

Front End: Django templates, JQuery, HTML5

Back End: Python (Django Framework)

Database: PostgreSQL

Third-Party API: Amazon SNS, Amazon RDS

Hosting: Amazon EC2 service

The Solution

The Result

Quick diagnosis of a disease with the help of pre-defined rules.

Precise diagnosis: Rules will be created by a team of doctors which will include all factors for diagnosing a disease. Chances are less for having a wrong diagnosed disease.

Pre-defined prescription are displayed instantly on the basis of current lab reports.

The Result
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