An Innovative Mobile App For Booking Long Stays

The StayDream app is a stepping-stone project of Diamond Vacation Homes (DVH) Canada Inc. They provide modern, serviced apartments to travellers visiting one of the major Canadian cities, Toronto. Located in the entertainment district of Toronto, the property is a popular choice among the tourists because of its short distance from the iconic CN Tower and Ripley's Aquarium of Canada.

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The Problem

Nowadays, travellers have multiple options to plan their journey the way they want.

The client approached Net Solutions to build a go-to iOS app for travellers to resolve their queries regarding where to stay, which places to visit, how to get there, and many more related questions.The client also required a web user interface for catering to property owners, where they could submit their contact information and details of their properties, which would be reviewed and approved or rejected by the admin of the app.

The Challenge

Our team faced strict restrictions from the software backend standpoint.

They had to work closely with the development team to hack the system, in order to enhance the user experience the way it was visualized.

The Solution


The app was created with an emphasis on smooth experience and focus on personalization. The UX team designed a short and simple user journey keeping the designs of competitors' apps in mind. The basic idea was to provide easy access to information from anywhere and at any time. The final product provides useful information to travellers with just a few clicks on the app.


The app was developed using Python (Django), Native iOS SDKs, PostgreSQL, Axure, and Adobe Photoshop. It works on iOS 10.x and 11.x.


Mobile app features:

  • The main screen enables users to search for properties near a chosen location. The app is positioned in a way to serve travellers who are looking for a stay of 30 days or more.
  • Users can select a property from the list and go to its details page to view basic information such as the number of people it accommodates, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, etc.
  • The app provides complete details about the amenities available at the property, such as free wifi, breakfast inclusion, etc.
  • One of the features allows users to search places to visit near available properties, with the help of a map. Based on this, users can select the most suitable property.
  • The checkout process is quick and simple.

Web user interface features

The web user interface is basically a simple form which is to be filled by the property owners who wish to lease out their properties. They are required to provide a few details about the images of their properties. The admin of the app publishes these details on the app after review, and the property becomes visible in the search results to the users finding a property at that location.

The Solution

The Process

Our internal team of business analysts, designers, developers, and testers followed the Agile methodology for building the app.

Ideas were shared with the client in the form of mocks and post their approval, the implementation process started. During the entire process, various deliverables were created to specify the project requirements such as user stories, wire-frames, UIs, and development sprints.

The Result

Benefits to the property owners

  • The StayDream app makes the overall experience of the user easy, which eventually gives an advantage to the property owners in acquiring more business.
  • The app caters to booking requests 24x7, 365 days of the year.
  • The built-in payment section reduces the risk of payments not being made.
  • The Review and Rating features of the app are designed to help the property owners in getting honest feedback from the guests.

Benefits to the users

  • Users can find properties, based on location, convenience, and budget.
  • The app shows non-availability of properties at a chosen location during the peak season.
  • Users can view complete information about the accommodation and amenities provided by the property owner.
  • Users can book a property without having to go through a tedious booking process. In other words, it is a time-saving solution.
  • The language adoption feature enables users to choose between two languages: English and Mandarin.
The Result