A Flagship Dating Mobile App for iOS & Android

It is a premier social app that allows users to chat with one another, anywhere and anytime. With this app, users can send instant messages and pictures to other users without having to share their phone numbers. This social app facilitates users to get acquainted in real-time, and within 100 meters away from one another. Here, they can also appreciate one another's style statements. In addition, they can increase their follower count by connecting their existing social media accounts to the app.

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The Problem

The client wanted a secure social app built for them on both iOS and Android platforms.

They wanted a social app to be built where users would not have to share their phone numbers to communicate with one another, and still be able to send instant messages and pictures with ease.

Also, they should be able to connect in real-time, and within the periphery of 100 meters. This would ensure the authenticity of users rather than having users with dubious personalities.

The Challenge

Making a Highly Secure App

The client expected flawless privacy and security features in their app. With the objective being able to create a social networking app, our team was well aware of the possible vulnerabilities associated with such apps.

Bluetooth vs. GPS

The client wanted the Bluetooth on the device to be turned on at all times for users to connect with one another at ease. This seemed to be a challenge; so, our team suggested having a GPS-enabled feature, which would indicate the exact location of the user, and tag them too. This also became a key feature of the app–to connect people within the periphery of 100 meters. Besides, users could also opt for making their location invisible. This way, their distance and location are kept confidential, though their profile would still appear on other users' search.

Making New Connections

Another challenge was that of making new connections and finding like-minded individuals. Here, we proposed having an engaging interface on the app, with several layered filters for a more positive outcome.

Chat Integration SDK

Our Chat Integration SDK at the free level brought about delays in communication. We suggested upgrading it to the pro plan so that it would function smoothly.

The Solution

Keeping the challenges in mind and analyzing the exact client requirements, our team proposed the following solution:

GPS-enabled Tracking

GPS tracking will fetch the user's current latitude and longitude, which will then be used to track the user's location on the server. This would be a better option than asking users to turn on the Bluetooth on their devices, as this would result in slow data speed, poor data security, and shortened battery life.

User Profiling

To ensure that users are communicating with like-minded individuals, profiles will be filtered, based on user preferences. Filtered and selected profiles will be sent to users looking for friends nearby.

Report an Abuse Functionality

In a chat system, there may be cases where users receive abusive messages, which is uncalled for. Given that, our mobile app experts customized this social app in such a way that if the prohibited words are used in the messages more than twice, the app automatically sends a warning message and block the user temporarily. Further, if the prohibited words reach the count of 5, the user would be blocked permanently, and they would have to re-install the application.

The Result

Bluetooth-GPS Integration

By developing this social app in the online mode for iOS and Android platforms, we were able to fulfill the client's vision of building an app that would bring people from like backgrounds to interact in real-time via Bluetooth and GPS.

Faster Time to Market

By incorporating the Agile methodology and its backend built in Python, we were able to deliver the social app on iOS and Android platforms within the agreed upon timelines. Hence, the app was launched in the appropriate marketplace on time.

The Result
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