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IsaiX is a Canadian technology firm that offers employee engagement products and solutions that are being used by leading organizations and global brands in the US, Canada, and the UK. Their clients include professional services, government, high technology, pharmaceutical, and financial service sectors.

Burst Tools® needed a complete transformation in order to properly target mobile products and IsaiX contacted Net Solutions in 2010 to build it from scratch. This marked the beginning of a long lasting IsaiX and Net Solutions relationship which also brought about building other products.

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The Problem

Burst Tools® is a solution for document publishing and content consumption to make the learning experience more engaging for employees in an organization.

Large enterprises as well as the Canadian federal government were already using the tool but that version was built several years ago. Initially, it was merely a desktop application designed in classic ASP. A couple of years later, it began to report performance issues since it was no longer scalable. The owners also felt that through this app, they could focus on mobile customers to maintain pace with the growing mobile products' usage inside enterprises.

The Solution

Process and Engagement Model

Since one of the primary requirements was to rebuild Burst Tools® from scratch, in order to cater to mobile devices, the main question was whether to develop it with a native or a mobile web experience. We wanted to overcome the uncertainties in the project to give us a clear picture in order to estimate the manual hours required, reports for the complete scope, and to provide a pricing estimate to IsaiX; however, neither IsaiX nor Net Solutions were sure of whether the experience with mobile web development would be as good as in native development.

In order to reach a logical conclusion, we decided to build a proof of concept (POC) where we tried developing the document editor - the most important and toughest part of the Burst Tools® - using HTML5 and JavaScript. The POC was completed in about four weeks and gave the assurance that mobile web technologies such as HTML5 and JavaScript were suitable for the complete application's front-end development. Developing a POC also helped us overcome the uncertainties in the project and provided us clarity to estimate the manual hour reports for the complete scope and to provide a price estimate to IsaiX.

Technology Stack

Burst Tools® was developed by creating a three-layered multi-tenant and multi-version architecture in mind. We used the .NET as programming language. IsaiX also preferred .NET because the environment where this product was to be deployed was accustomed to Microsoft technologies.

The SQL Server was implemented as the database with HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS for front-end development. The mobile front-end was developed using HTML 5, JavaScript, and CSS.

The Solution

The Result

A New Employee Engagement Experience

The new Burst Tools® application is faster, more secure, and more scalable than ever before. All thanks to its new architecture.

Caters To Enterprise Mobility Customers

The new Coach Technology® is also extended to mobile devices (iOS and Android) thus catering to digital age employees who would like to have a mobile experience on the move.

Better ROI and Cost Savings

Ever since we shipped the native experience in mobile web, our client has shown significant financial savings and a large return on investment (ROI).

The Result
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