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How Net Solutions helped Attaboy Productions in developing Breaking Ice App, a dating app for iPhone and iPad users.


Breaking Ice is a free social networking and dating app that helps you instantly meet people at the same location where you are, such as a bar, restaurant, coffee shop, party, or sporting event. The Breaking Ice app is available in 71 countries and is mainly targeted toward youngsters who are looking to meet new people, on the go.

About Breaking Ice Case Study

The Problem

Attaboy Productions, the company behind the concept of Breaking Ice app, approached Net Solutions to develop a mobile social networking and dating app based on Apple iOS platform.

The app would allow users to connect with new people around them, not miles or states away. However, there is also an "x country" setting in the Search Criteria page that allows travelling users to set up a date before getting to their destination.

About Breaking Ice Case Study

The Solution

  • Implementation of geo location tagging

    The GPS capabilities of the device running the app are used to fetch the user's current latitude and longitude, which are then used to update user's location on the server. Similar profiles are then filtered on the basis of searched criteria.

    The filtered and selected profiles are then sent to the user looking for friends nearby. Apple's push notification is used for sending and receiving messages.

  • PHP-based, user-friendly admin panel

    A PHP-based admin panel was built at the backend to manage the app. The admin panel provides the option to block prohibited words manually. Whenever any app user uses the prohibited words listed in the admin settings, the administrator gets a push notification automatically.

  • Privacy and spam control

    The Breaking Ice app was customized in such a way that if the prohibited words are used in the messages more than twice, the app automatically sends a warning message and temporarily blocks the user. If the number of prohibited words reaches 5, the user is blocked permanently, and re-installation of the application on that particular device is automatically prevented.

  • Automatic Reference Count (ARC) for better memory management

    In order to avoid the memory crash issues associated with mobile devices, Automatic Reference Count (ARC) technique was used. It allows memory management a lot simpler by assigning memory management tasks to the compiler, and provides a significant performance increase as well.

Working with Net Solutions for the past 8 years has re-enforced our decision to not only outsource some of our software development but also to continue working with them as our partner. I recommend Net Solutions without hesitation to any team, who is looking to scale their team and increase technical capabilities.

Daniel Wolfe
Daniel Wolfe CEO of Soaq

The Result

  • Unique dating experience

    The biggest benefit of the Breaking Ice app is that users not only get notified when people in their network are located within a radius of X miles of their own location, but they also discover the exact location of those people.

    This is especially helpful in scenarios like dating, where a user need to know the exact location of the person whom he/she wants to date.

  • Easy backend configurations

    The admin panel of the app was developed in such a way that there are provisions to configure app settings both automatically and manually. App management was made easier which helped reduce the workload of admin users.

  • Spam-free experience

    Spamming is a major concern of most social app users and they usually refrain from using or installing apps that fail in controlling spam or profanity. However, Attaboy Productions was very particular about spamming and they delivered a spam-free app.

    The Breaking Ice app uses a special algorithm, which allows it to not only block any user sending spam messages, but also deny any attempts of re-installation on that particular user's device. This helps keep spammers out of the Breaking Ice app network.

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