Using Beacons to
Boost Customer

Beakn mobile serves as a solution to building customer relationships that meet the ever evolving needs of consumers.

It was founded by Matt Frazier, CEO, who believed that by facilitating relationships with repeat or recurring customers on the Mobile platform, it would forge better customer relationships. With the boom in mobile technology and with more consumers making buying decisions on the platform, Matt observed that the small to medium businesses ( SMBs ) could leverage it for building loyal relationships with their customers. Matt Frazier reached out to Net Solutions in order to integrate Beacon Mobile on the iOS platform, which, he found to be a challenge.

Using Beacons to Boost Customer Loyalty

The Problem

According to industry reports, with the upsurge in mobile technology, over 58% of mobile users were making buying decisions on their mobile devices, of which about 45% were looking at mobile offers and 39% were expecting loyalty programs.

Matt saw this as a big opportunity for SMBs and embarked on creating a loyalty program for this segment.

With the SMBs not having adequate time, resources, or expertise, to execute the loyalty program but wishing to strengthen relationships with their existing customers, he aimed at creating an on-the-go and hassle-free solution. Given that, he created a Bluetooth hardware solution called the Beakn Mobile, which simply required to be distributed across mobile devices.

With Beakn Mobile, SMBs would be able to build on the loyalty program with recurring customers; however, the focal point was to ensure ease-of-use.

In other words, the merchant should be able to demo their beacon effortlessly while with a customer, without appearing like it's too much of a download.

While the implementation seemed easy on the Android platform given the ease of customization, integrating it on the iOS platform seemed to be a challenge, given its privacy and security featues. For instance, reading and writing the entire file system is permissible in Android but is not the case with iOS. Given Net Solutions' expertise in this field, he approached our team.

The Solution

CoreBluetooth Framework for Beacon Integration

If we use CoreBluetooth to scan for Beacons, consumers would get one callback for each advertisement packet detected vs. one callback every second for CoreLocation.

Using CoreLocation Ranging

This method will get a callback once per second, but only for BLE advertisements that match the iBeacon layout, and match a ProximityUUID within that layout that has been registered for ranging as part of a CLBeaconRegion object. When these conditions are met, the following callback is called every second regardless of how many beacon packets are detected in that time interval: locationManager(_ manager: CLLocationManager, didRangeBeacons beacons: [CLBeacon], in region: CLBeaconRegion).

Using Kontakt Beacons

Configure: Changed beacon settings and set profiles and alerts, individually or in bulk.

Manage: Add and share devices, create managers, use location to group your devices.

Monitor: Check and control devices status, updates, and usage.

Locate: Gather and analyze data about a beacon's location.

The Solution

The Result

Facilitate Direct Communication with Loyal or Recurring Customers

In so doing, SMBs will be able to up their sale on a low business day by incentivizing loyal customers as a reward.

Contextual, Hyper Local Advertising

With an iBeacon network, any brand, retailer, app, or platform, will be able to understand exactly where a customer is, in a brick and mortar environment. This provides an opportunity to send customers highly contextual, hyper-local, meaningful messages and advertisements on their smartphones.

Building Better Relationships

Other than rewarding existing customers, SMBs can strengthen their relationships. Beakn has the facility to enable merchants to take note of their customers' related to their lifestyle or buying behavior, so as to offer customized solutions.

The Result
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