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Founded in October 2013, Appee is a Melbourne-based startup founded by Steve Brendish, Ken Kades, and Alberto Simongini. All three are senior technology and media professionals, with over 20 years' experience each.

Appee is a smart digital solution, allowing businesses to publish in app questionnaires to survey their users, and get real-time responses. This helps them understand their customers' experience with their own apps, by not just gathering raw data, but also contextual data and insights. This enables them to iterate and improve their apps, and to remove possible frustrations that customers might have with them, leveraging the judgment of their users.

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The Problem

Steve Brendish, Creative Director of Appee, explained the original problem that the founders wanted to solve, in an exclusive interview to Startup Smart, an Australian publication for the startup community:

"We've all been involved in building apps at one time or another, whether for clients or ourselves. There's always been an issue in that everyone stands in front of a board and thinks about what should go into an app, but no one really knows what the customer wants. We came up with this idea, because businesses couldn't find any tools that helped app makers understand what their users really want from their apps."

The Solution

Process and Engagement Model

Appee founders realized that they needed a team of more than just developers, a team that understands all aspects of product development, that have demonstrated design and technical capabilities through an extensive portfolio of high quality scalable products.

It was also important that everyone involved in the product be flexible with their work hours, considering the time-zone difference between Australia and India, and could stretch their work hours if needed, in any stage of development or release.

Once they completed the process of validating Net Solutions completely (people, processes, and other credentials), they finally hired a team of dedicated resources to build the product from scratch, because of the advantage it provides.

The product was developed using Agile and Scrum Methodologies, focusing on defining and developing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), and then releasing it with the targeted audience for feedback, and iteration. A product backlog and a project plan that includes all the functionalities, was prepared and shared with the Appee founders', along with delivery dates mentioned for the release of each sprint.

Collaboration and Communication

Project collaboration was done using Basecamp and Jira. All project communication was done using email, Go ToMeeting, and Skype. This was augmented by timely visits from Appee founders to accelerate the development process, and to ensure everyone was on the same page.

Technology Stack

Appee was designed using Lean UX methodology, and the look and feel was created keeping in mind that it will be used by businesses globally. JavaScript and HTML5 was used as the frontend technology.

Java was used as the backend technology, with MongoDB chosen as the NoSQL database. JSON was used as the technology to create web services. Testing was done using JMeter.

Since Appee was meant to be a SaaS based solution, it needs to be deployed to the cloud. Hence, we used AWS as the cloud technology.

The Solution

The Result

Getting a World-class Product Delivered

Appee is truly world-class, and is loved by users for providing simplicity and insightfulness. The experience and performance of the product is great, and its quality is at par with any product developed by an Australian technology firm.

Better ROI

Appee founders' received tremendous ROI by getting an excellent quality product developed at roughly 50% of the cost that they would have spent in Australia.

Faster Time to Market

Apeee was developed in the Agile mode, and the first MVP was launched in only 14 weeks, thereby allowing the team to update the product based on customer feedback.

The Result

Net Solutions helped us built software that enables businesses to understand how customers engage with their brands.

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