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Sensors on wrist. Sensors on phone. Sensors in the home. With always-on tracking of movement & exercise routines and friction-less food & nutrition information logging, wellness & fitness has never seen such IT-enabled focus. People are conscious about their health and are spending a huge amount of their wealth in IT solutions that provide the right information at the right time to improve and maintain their fitness. Net Solutions helps brands and start-ups use the best in technology to provide state-of-the-art solutions to service these consumers and drive long-term loyalty.

Video Based Training & Mentoring

Mindfulness Mindfulness

Guided Meditation &
Mindfulness App

Flight Scope Flight Scope

Live Training System
for Sports

Nutrition & Allergy Tracking

FoodMastero Health & Fitness

Ingredient & Allergy
Tracker for Food

Pharmacy Solutions

Pharmacy Pharmacy

Pharmacy Platform

We have repeatedly used our powerful Application Development Lifecycle to drive customer success in Wellness & Fitness industry. Clients use our experience & expertise to discover, plan, and implement insightful solutions that power them to success.