The shift to online shopping has been driven by changing consumer behavior with consumers increasingly choosing the online channel via their smartphones. Retailers have been quick to the change and have responded by first introducing an e-commerce channel and then an m-commerce platform. Many organisations are actively working towards becoming an Omni-Channel organisation - where the focus is on delivering a seamless customer experience regardless of which shopping channel they choose.

On the other hand, as a response to the rapid rise of ecommerce has led to the emergence of a new class of digital consumer. Empowered by digital technology and access to products and services on the go, consumers have become more demanding and their expectations have risen.

We believe retail businesses can respond to these challenges in three ways:

  • Pursuing an customer-centered omni-channel strategy

  • Delivering rich omni-channel experiences

  • Improving integration with back-end systems

In this webinar, we focus on how businesses can respond to the challenges highlighted above by offering a differentiated customer experience using all of these aspects.


Abhay Vohra

Abhay Vohra, Net Solutions

Program Manager, Experience Design

Abhay Vohra leads the Digital Customer Experience practice at net solutions. He started as a web developer at the turn of the century, and since then, has taken-up varied roles as a QA Engineer, Business Analyst, Information Architect, Interaction Designer, and now, as an evangelist for Design led innovation, he consults customers on their Digital Transformation initiatives.

Hamish Lawson

Hamish Lawson, Net Solutions

Head of Business Operations

Hamish has worked in the digital space for over a decade and currently leads business operations for the European market at Net Solutions. He works with businesses to map out thoughtful customer journeys, understand their product strategy and translate these into engaging digital experiences. With a focus on growth business and the retail sector, he has a deep interest in digital innovation.

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December 13, 2017

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